Holidays and to wake up or not?


By Ahmet Abdülaziz ….

I am sure this would be the problem of many like me, but still I call it my problem.

After working for over 40 years of my life, in a fixed routine manner and fixed time schedule, I find it difficult to adjust my timings on a holiday. Yes Sunday is a weekly holiday, and I must have by now adjusted myself to holidays too like a working day, but unfortunately I have not.

The situation worsens, when there are more than one holiday in a row, like we have with these Bayram holidays in a row.

Every morning all through these past four days of holidays, I woke up early at the time when I wake up usually on working days, only to tell myself that I can remain in bed for a longer period of time. I try to go back to sleep only to look again at my watch, to find that I had kept my eyes closed for just 15 minutes. After a couple of more 15 minutes, I leave my bed.

But the problem does not end here. Once out of bed, what should I do next? Should I go out for a walk? Should I switch on the TV  and watch something? Should I find myself something to eat or should I sit somewhere and wait for other members of the family to wake up?

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These were a few options that I faced every morning during these four days of the Bayram holiday.

Once I managed to start the day, after struggling through one or more of the above options, the real problem starts.

What to do during the rest of the day? In fact I usually do not come up with a plan for the day. So it’s either my wife or the children who work out the plan, and I do struggle to adjust myself to that. But unfortunately, they find me the most non-cooperative member of the family, because I love to sleep on holidays.

Sleeping on holidays is what the family members usually do not like. They want to go for picnics. I too want to go for a picnic, but sleeping is the top priority for me. When locked up in such a difficult situation, I prefer to find the middle way. I go to the picnic with the family, and sleep there. In fact this is what my family has ultimately accepted over all these years. They are used to enjoying their picnic, with myself sleeping there.

But holidays are not just for having picnics. Visiting family friends, and having family friends visiting us, is also a job that I do not like on holidays. But there is no way out. I accept, I am not a very social person, so usually I ask my wife if it is necessary for me to go along to some relative or family friend. I usually ask her if it would be OK if I do not go. At times I get affirmative reply, which means I could sleep at home. But mostly I receive a stern response from her, and find myself forced to accompany her.

However, sometimes the situation becomes a nightmare. On a day which I consider lucky, when I find myself alone at home to sleep, all of sudden some guest drops in. That’s a real nightmare for me.  The situation worsens when some close family friend drops in like that. I cannot say No to them, but at the same time do not want to disturb my sleep.  So a very interesting situation arises, where I prefer to show to them that I am half asleep, but they are frank enough to take me lightly. With their children running around, and they themselves trying to find something to eat in the kitchen, as I never offer anything to them under such circumstances, I prefer to continue with my half sleeping posture. Usually such guests are frank enough to say, “take it easy, continue sleeping, we will take care of ourselves”. But I do know that I will get a real tough time from my wife, for leaving them free enough to upset her kitchen. In these circumstances, sometimes I really take what they say seriously, and go back to sleep, but mostly remain half sleep, waiting for them to go away.

Today is the fourth day of the Bayram holidays, and for the fourth continuous day I am having all these problems. I am looking forward to going back to work, to have a better disciplined life.

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