June 3, 2023


By Mike Plant ….
Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services (112) ….

Raising money for Girne Hospital and the emergency services has now entered its eleventh year. 

During that time The Friends of the TRNC Emergency Services have organised balls, al fresco film shows, 60’s evenings, 40’s evenings, quizzes, afternoon teas, Christmas Singalongs and other events too numerous to mention, many of which were the first of their kind in Northern Cyprus.

However, we now need your help!

Our Afternoon Teas have always proved very popular due to the many people who have volunteered (or been coerced) to be speakers at these functions.  However, many of our supporters have now retired back to the UK and other European countries  or, sadly, left us for a higher place.

We know many of you have had very interesting lives and we now need to ask you all to have a think about any individuals (including yourself) who would be willing to speak for about 30 to 45 minutes on any subject that might be interesting to an audience.  We have been fortunate with the speakers we have had in the past but we are rapidly running out of volunteers!

To date you have contributed £130,000 worth of medical equipment that the Government has not covered and many people have benefitted from this and the friendships and interaction these events have created over the years.

It would be sad to see the afternoon teas come to an end so we need you to help find some enthusiastic volunteers!

Sincerely,  Mike Plant

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