Girne Municipality : measures for animal waste during Feast of Sacrifice


Girne Municipality has formed teams to collect and dispose of waste to prevent problems being caused by the waste from animals that will be slaughtered for the Sacrifice Feast, and put forward a complaint notice line in order to prevent the waste being disposed of in an irresponsible manner.

Citizens can report these incidents during the festival by calling 0548 888 2118, which will be available between 09:00 and 16:00.

Citizens are urged to bring their animal waste to the Solid Waste Transfer Station in the Industrial Zone in Karaoğlanoğlu, in solid garbage bags, securely tied, or by telephoning the waste collection team on 0533 850 5461 to make sure that the waste is collected. A penalty of 150TL will apply to those who do not comply with the regulations.

After the animal is slaughtered, attention must be given to public and animal health, and “the waste should never be placed in large size garbage bags, or placed in garbage containers, it should not be left exposed without informing the Municipality, and the waste should not be disposed of into water and sewerage channels”

In all cases the waste must be dealt with by the Municipality in either of the two methods shown above.

We invite our people to be sensitive, while we celebrate the Feast of the Sacrifice.