June 30, 2022


Breaking news from Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) ….

We received the following message from Karen Gallagher (KAR) on our cyprusscene Facebook page which we are sharing with our readers.   We are already aware of people asking questions about this new regulation in the Alsancak area.

“Following recent reports of a dog owner in Alsancak being told by the Belediye that there was a new law and each household were only allowed to own three dogs, KAR chairperson Margaret Ray first met with Enver Ozberim and then attended an arranged meeting at the Belediye offices.

A great deal of discussion took place and further discussions are planned after Bayram. It was confirmed that this by-law is now in force but only applies to those taking in new dogs and not those that already have had more than three dogs for many years and which are registered. The Belediye will only act against households with large numbers of dogs if there is a complaint lodged against them.

Alsancak Belediye will be announcing through their website, newspapers and leaflets to homes outlining the new regulations after Bayram.

KAR would urge all dog owners to make sure all their dogs (if they have not already done so) are registered with their local authorities as soon as they re-open after the holiday.

The meeting was attended by many expats as well as local pet owners. Mayor Firat Ataser talked about many other problems relating to dog ownership and suggested that there would be further meetings to try to resolve those problems.

KAR intend to report any further meetings and update any changes.”

2 thoughts on “New Regulations for Dog Ownership in Alsancak

  1. Who do the numerous street dog ultimately belong to? It is they who are irresponsible and must not backing away.

    Bless the kind hearts accepting as many stray animals into their homes they can afford to care for….. It is a very costly venture….

    Our Cyprus rescue dog Champ is over 13 expensive at the Vet but worth every cent that has ever been spent on him

    1. Thank you Edward for your kind words and thoughts which many will appreciate

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