September 23, 2023


Minister of Tourism and Environment, Frikri Ataoğlu, asked the question – “WHAT IS WRONG”.  Golden Beach was cleaned one week ago and has been polluted by insensitive citizens yet again.

Despite all the warnings about the need to protect the environment, some people remain insensitive to this issue.

Approximately one week ago in the Altinkum region, the beach was cleaned by the Environmental Protection Agency and they were filled with disgust when they discovered that one week later it was again polluted with rubbish by persons who are insensitive to the environment who had visited the beach area and left without thinking about the trash they had left behind.

Fikri Ataoglu, Minister of Tourism and Environment, stated that “We are making a great effort to provide cleanliness of our coasts and a clean sea. Our Environmental Protection Office teams are continuously carrying out cleaning and inspection works everywhere they can reach. Unfortunately, the regions we have cleaned are getting polluted again in a very short period of time,” he said.

Minister Ataoglu added that the troubles experienced by the daily visitors coming to Altinkum were re-occurring, “Altinkum is still polluted as usual. In some places, we see that their garbage has been deposited at either side of the containers. If the garbage was put into the containers, it would not pollute the environment and the image of pollution would not occur. Even though the beach cleaning is not our responsibility, we collected this garbage yet again. There is no problem with that at the moment,” he said.

Ataoglu continued his words as follows: “People coming to the region for a holiday are uncomfortable with the situation. Nature is being polluted by garbage being left at the coast and the sea.  The sea and shore must be kept clean. Tourists come to our country from overseas. They need to see our coastline as a clean and enjoyable place at which to spend their holidays. Our beaches are really the Mediterranean Pearl and I request everybody to be more sensitive about nature and the environment.”

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