The Temple of the Mind


By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

When the temple of the mind is within him, why are we still building churches, mosques, synagogues etc. Nearly all the ancient teachings tell us to go within ourselves to find God.

Universal mind power, or as the mystics say Cosmic Consciousness, tells us it is the possibility to read or contact other people’s thoughts past or present. The energy that feeds our minds comes from the Mental Planes of Consciousness.

Now when we are at a major crossroads in human development and awareness we must try to realise our true potential.

Physicists have now proven, that energy follows thought, we are also capable of transforming physical matter and that particles react to our thoughts and intentions. So we have the power within us to change the world we live in. SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT THAT.

If, as the bible says ‘We are created in God’s image’. Maybe our understanding of this is wrong, not physical image but the universal mind of God. Hence then we have the God Power to be as the Creator and Create. (SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT THAT).

As more of ancient mysteries become a reality, we must shift our focus of understanding and delve deeper into our subconscious state. When the mind is still but deeply focused with the right intentions, we can achieve the so called impossibilities that science is now proving.

It is not new knowledge we are finding but the rediscovery of ancient hidden knowledge. Religions might say this is black magic or the occult. Actually occult does not mean black magic but is the Latin / Greek for hidden knowledge. This is what most religions do not want us to discover, as we would become more self realised and aware.

The second coming religions talk about, from my point of view, is the reawakening of our true potential through the universal mind power we all have within us.

Ancient texts and mystery schools taught these techniques, and knowledge as well as scholars : Enoch, Socrates, Plato, Di Vinci and Newton and many many more. Most of this knowledge was written in code or symbolism so as to keep it out of reach of people who would use it for themselves, rather than the upliftment of mankind.

It is no coincidence that the top of your forehead is called your temple, the seat of the universal mind power of God. Another biblical saying in the Gospel of Mary : Where the mind is, there is the treasure.

I am here for the benefit of everyone else, thank you.

With love light and peace Nick Vye Sanctuary .

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  1. The churches and mosques etc were created my man to control the masses, god created his temple which is man himself…