September 30, 2023


By Ahmet Abdulaziz …..

I remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about the weather and rain.  At that time I had hoped that the rain and wind would change, and we would enter a proper summer, but alas that has not yet happened.

Still the weather is unpredictable and  we have not yet seen the heat of the summer and the month of June is near finishing.

The other evening we went to a small cafe, by the road, to eat Adana Kebab. As usual there were some tables and chairs outside of the cafe on the pavement, and some inside the shop. We went through a short period of discussion regarding ‘where to sit’. My wife and I wanted to sit inside the cafe, as it was cold, whereas the children wanted to sit outside. The wind was quite cool to some degree, and it was cloudy.

In the end we gave way to the opinion of the children. We sat in the open, but felt somewhat uneasy as the wind was quite cool. My wife went to the car to take something to cover herself, as she was feeling cold. The children however, also started feeling cold, as we placed our orders. This time they opted to move to another table, by the side of the wall of the cafe, where the thrust of the wind was less.

However, as the waiter was serving the meal to us, we all decided to move inside the cafe. (We were lucky as there were no other customers in the cafe, at that time). Inside it was better, as apart from other things, I was also able to watch the TV and we started eating the Kebabs.

We had not yet finished our meal, when my son started complaining that it was too hot inside. In fact it was. Perhaps also because we were eating hot kebabs, we were also  willing to return back to the table outside the cafe. By that time some other customers had occupied the table where we were sitting previously.

As we managed to settle at another table on the pavement, it started raining. It was not proper rain, in fact, it was just drizzling, not sufficient enough to make us wet, but sufficient enough to make us return back inside the cafe, where other customers were trying to find a place for themselves and within a few minutes the drizzling rain stopped.

Luckily it was evening, though not totally dark. But I am sure, had it been daytime, the last scene of the episode would have been sun. Repeatedly we are watching drizzling rain with sun shining over us.

The general feeling about the weather is that most probably this year we will be having a mild summer, less hot than the previous years, but the winter will be much colder than in previous years.

Let’s wait and see.

2 thoughts on “The weather is changing in Cyprus

  1. Ahmet, After reading your fiasco of dining IN AND OUT of the restaurant, remind me not to go out and eat with you. I would end up with CHRONIC INDIGESTION!! (Only Joking!)

    1. hahahahaha thanks for your comment.
      I think if you take me out for a dinner next time, the weather would not play games. hahahahaha

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