June 27, 2022


The Foreign Residents in the TRNC have many social events during the year and one of their highlights is to celebrate Midsummer Night.   This is how the evening was enjoyed.

By Pamela Tschersich …

Leaving Girne at 4.30 pm yesterday afternoon (21st June) we headed West picking up TFR members en-route ready for the trip out to Akdeniz for fun, food and laughter to celebrate MIDSUMMER NIGHT the calendar’s longest day.

Food and drink were enjoyed plus Horst’s little extra game of guessing the number of pips in a water melon that he had religiously counted out … Cliff Southern won the bottle of wine for being the nearest by guessing 1,350!!

As you can see from the photos members played boules and hoopla, even the horse wanted to join us as he eyed the hoops up as possible donuts!

A lovely evening in the warm Mediterranean, enjoyed by all.


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