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KAR : speedy relocation to UK for Efes and Curly


We noted this pet travel posting on Facebook and would like to congratulate KAR on this great achievement.

KAR Pet Travel Supersonic speedy Efes …

We were asked recently if we could send Efes to England and send Efes (and friend Curly) quickly, very quickly. There are often very good reasons why people need to move their pets quickly and it can cause us a few problems trying to accommodate the owners’ wishes. 

However this was not the case with Efes and Curly – their relocation went like a dream, from the very start of discussions with us start to finish to their arrival in the UK – all in exactly 2 weeks!

Luckily for the dogs their owner had pre-planned and both were ready to go in terms of meeting the requirements.

All of their vet records, serology test, completed booking forms, animal information sheets etc -everything came into the office with the dogs – so that they could be measured.

Boxes were ordered, and flight schedules were discussed – there was one slot and the owners leapt at it. It was all systems go.

On Wednesday 13th June  Curly and Efes left the TRNC. Their flights were on time and they arrived in London on the 15th June and were home with their owners later that day.


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  1. Fantastic. Well done KAR. We have pets here and it is reassuring that we can count on you if needs must.