August 19, 2022


By Chris Elliott…

Thursday evening the 24th May I received the very sad news that a dear friend, Terry Carter, the founder of the 112 Emergency Service Volunteers in North Cyprus had passed away at 18.30pm in  the UK after a short battle with cancer.

It was only a few weeks ago when I was speaking to Terry and he bravely told me he had been diagnosed with cancer and had about a month to live and we talked about many things we had done together.

What can you say on these occasions and thereafter but to remember the good times you had shared together and in Terry’s case his memory and passing will reach out to many hundreds if not thousands of people who would have met him and even been thankful for his mission to help others.

We had published his account when he led the Thames Valley Medical and Rescue trainers to Bodrum in Turkey after the massive earthquake in 1999 and he  was invited back with his group and they trained in the region of 8,500 civilians, soldiers, civil defence workers and nurses from all over Turkey.  This was the start of the Turkish 112.

Terry said “In 1996 I was given the Freedom of the City of Bodrum and I am honoured that there have only been 2 such awards in Turkish history”.

Following these events he was invited by founding President Rauf Denktaş to come to North Cyprus to look at helping create and train a similar emergency service which he did and you can read more of this by clicking here.

I would like to reach out to his wife Sheila  and daughters Gillian and Sally and express my deepest sadness at Terry’s passing but know his memory will live in the hearts of so many people in Turkey, North Cyprus and around the world that met him.


Rest in Peace Terry and thank you for everything.


9 thoughts on “Terry Carter founder of North Cyprus CESV, Rest in Peace

  1. Huzur içinde uyusun. Kıbrıs Türk halkı geçek bir dostunu kaybetti. Ülkemizde yaptığı hizmetler hafızamızda yaşaycaktır. Çok üzgünüm.

    This comment was translated as best we can:

    Rest in peace. The Turkish Cypriot people have lost a friend. The services we have in our country will live in our memory. I am very sad.

  2. Very sad to heart hat Terry has passed away, I do hope we in Cyprus can do something to remember him, he gave a lot to the people here and was an inspiration to know.

  3. I first met Terry when I enrolled on one of his many First Aid courses. His enthusiasm was infectious and I was encouraged to join the 112 volunteers, later to become CESV. Through this association I learnt not only first aid, made many like-minded friends, but was involved with the various fire units, civil defence and the ambulance service, all of which held Terry in the highest esteem. Without him we would not have the skills within the Ambulance Service, the Fire Service, the Forest Fire Service, the CESV team who have subsequently taught so many people first aid and also set up the Save A Life blood donor alert system. He worked tirelessly with a dedication that would be hard to match either here or in the UK.

    I feel honoured to have met him, worked with him and to have had him as a friend.

    He taught me so much and also made me so much more aware of my surroundings with regards to fire safety.

    Thank you Terry for all you did for me personally and for the wider community of North Cyprus – we are eternally grateful.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Sheila and their daughters, may they take comfort in knowing he did not suffer for long.

    1. Thank you for you lovely comment Yasmin and with your approval we would like to recreate this as an article which will then be highly read in other places which I think Terry’s family would wish.

      1. Thank you we are doing something to remember him his daughter is coming here at the end of June and she will stay with us. While she is here we are holding a fund raising for 112 in his name. The event will be at sevinc garden bar in karsiyaka we hope that everyone will attend and make a contribution to continue his work

      2. Thank you Gail. When my wife passed away some years ago Terry was there with his volunteers to lend support when she was buried. He was a great guy!

        Do keep us updated about the fund raining event and our website and Enewspaper will gladly run promotion for you.

  4. Terry Carter is known around Northern Cyprus and he has left a great legacy here with what he founded as the CESV 112. The members of the organisation continue to carryout activities In Terry’s memory.

    They are presented at Events throughout TRNC as First Aiders and Deliver First Aid Training to anyone who wishes to advance their skills and knowledge to become First Aiders.

    What a great loss Terry will be, he has lots of skills, qualities and outstanding knowledge of First Aid which he has shared and developed others with in the CESV 112. RIP Terry, gone but never forgotten. xx

    1. Thank you Diane for that heartfelt comment about our departed friend and mentor, Terry Carter R.I.P.

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