TRNC Enduro Championship 2018 Continues


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The Turkish Cyprus Motorcycle Association is going to organise the second race of the TRNC 2018 Enduro Championship season, on Sunday 27th May, 2018 at the Iskele track. With the Iskele Municipality being the sponsor, the race has been named as the “Iskele Municipality Super Enduro Race”.

The race is scheduled to start at 4 pm at the Topcukoy/Ardahan crossing.

Unlike the past races, this race is scheduled to be held on a 800 meters track, in Super Enduro form. The riders will have to overcome different difficult obstacles such as sand pool, rock, water, mud, log, tethered, vertical and horizontal passages.

According to the engine powers of the motorcycles, the race will be organised in ATV and Cross categories.

The race will start at 4 pm and the award  distribution ceremony will be held at 7 pm.