December 8, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz…..

Slowly, with the passage of time, the war hysteria is mounting. Will there be a war near us,  in the near future? This is the question that we all are busy trying to answer.  Of course nothing can be said right now with certainty, except the fact that the war hysteria is on the rise.

I do not know how many of us have seen real war, but I can say that I did pass through a period of war, in the year 1971. It was a short span but I did see dogfights in the sky.

I remember the way we had been exercising the blackouts. I remember the huge sounds of bomb blasts, at a distance. I remember how some of the bombs had hit the port of the city where we were living. I remember how the rations were cut, and emergency rules were enforced.

I also remember the year 1965, when another war had broken out between India and Pakistan. Though the real war did not reach the city where we used to live,  we did  feel the brunt of war in all walks of life. I remember going through basic military training drills with dummy wooden guns, in the school.  I remember reading the newspapers filled with war news.

That was in the  past.  Since then I do not remember a day when there was complete peace in the world.  In way or another, this place or that, war is going on. Here or there common man is being killed, common man is suffering. Why? Is the common man a party to the war? No.

The cost of war in Iraq

So why the war is going on? When I try to find the answer to this question, the only answer that I get is that some people in the world are crazy enough to build their fortunes, by killing innocent people. It is just that simple. Greed is the key word that explains the mentality of those who are instrumental in keeping the wars going on here and there. They want to earn something for themselves at the expense of the innocent common human beings.

War is a two-fold beneficiary plan for the oppressors. On one side he gets a chance to be benefitted by the natural resources of the area, as the ultimate winner of the war. But the other side of the story is much more important.

The cost of war – Syria

A war provides the oppressor a chance to both test and display his arms and ammunitions. A war is the real place to show the world the effectiveness of new arms, defensive mechanism, missiles, aircraft, etc etc etc. By putting through new products to real test, in the war, the producers get a chance to find new customers  and to impress the existing customers of his arms and ammunitions. So they need a war to increase their sales. This is the ultimate goal of every war. It is well known that it is the arms producing countries who are mostly active in the wars.  It is they who try to find an excuse to start a war.

So, is it time to get ready for a war near us, which I hope will not happen?


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