December 8, 2023

By Kathy Martin…

Joshua’s Woodland Adventures” written by Bill Haley, edited by Hatice Kerimgil and illustrated by Pam Schofield.

Bill Haley, Hatice Kerimgil and Pam Schofield

Bill Haley, as is explained at the back of this excellent book, is a retired warrant officer who was awarded the BEM (British Empire Medal) for his services in the Falkland War (1982). He was inspired to write this story to help the needy children of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Joshua, with his trusty white and brown Jack Russell dog Eric, the hero in the book, is based on his grandson. (Princess) Phoebe is his granddaughter’s name. Even Joshua’s new baby sister, Molly, gets a mention right at the end of the story!

Hatice Kerimgil, became Pam’s friend when she won one of Pam’s paintings ten years ago. In the front editor’s note she tells us she “became excited, especially as it is aimed at helping children and children’s organisations in the TRNC, areas close to my heart”. Before she retired, Hatice was a teacher for 25 years, as well as news presenter on BRT TV and Radio.

Pam Schofield, an artist of note here in the TRNC was asked by Bill to illustrate his story. Pam is the first to say that bringing the characters to life in her cartoons, was “a departure from her usual style, but one that she found highly rewarding”. You will agree with me, I am sure, that she has done a brilliant job.

Top LtoR: Princess Phoebe, Joshua meets Hedgehog, Oscar the Owl comes to say hello to Joshua and Eric. Btm LtoR: Mountfield the Mole, Sergeant Sheldon the military Snail, Eric meets Welford Worm

The characters all met by Joshua and Eric (his dog) as the year progresses.

Sarah the Song Thrush

They are Oscar the Owl, Princess Phoebe (the spirit of the forest), Sheldon the Snail, Stripy the Badger, Welford the Worm, Frank the Field Mouse, Mountfield the Mole, Sarah the Song Thrush,

Belinda Butterfly (don’t have copy of the sketches for Belinda) and Hedgehog is simply Hedgehog!

The book covers all the seasons of the year, introducing children (the book aimed at the 4 to 9 year olds) to the facts of hibernation (for some animals), keeping the countryside clean of litter, kindness to others etc.

I found it an enchanting story and could imagine reading it aloud to children. The clever way Bill introduces children to caring for their friends and family and introducing them to the seasons of the year is a first rate way to get the message across!

Another useful little touch is the fact all speech is in bold!

Pam and Hatice held a very successful book launch on Tuesday 23rd January 2018 at the Best Seller Bookshop in Karakum and were delighted at the fantastic amount of money raised! (1,450tl). To read the article Click here

The plan is to publish a Turkish version and they are hoping to get sponsorship to defray the costs, thereby allowing more money to go to the needy children here in the TRNC.

The book is being sold at various places as listed below:

Girne/Kyrenia area
Bestseller Karakum and Alsancak
Soulist cafe and bar
Cafe NO3
Avanti patiserrie near Pia Bella Hotel
Central Lefkoşa/Nicosia
Luna Cafe and Rustem

For further information please email

Pam Schofield:

Hatice Kerimgil:

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