December 8, 2023

By Roland Eyerich ….

The Healers were at The Soulist in Alsancak on Friday 26th January with a melting pot of Reggae music – A Trip from Jamaica via the UK to the Ivory Coast.

The year 2018 had a very promising start with the Cahit Kutrafali Trio (jazz) and Nafiz Dölek with great concerts, and on Friday 26th January 2018 The Healers were guests at The Soulist.  Once again very well attended as reggae music is very well received in this part of Cyprus.  Not only in Lefkoşa in the clubs and bars where Reggae music is being performed, but also in the small village of Alsancak – Friday was the “Island in the Sun”.

At 10pm the 4-piece band, The Healers, started their program with “Positive Vibrations by Bob Marley” and not only harnessed the music arc of Jamaica via the UK to the Ivory Coast, but also this cheerful mood of reggae transported the audience.

Güven Çağlar (bass), Hilmi Özakın (vocal/guitar), Ümit Tulumbacı (guitar)
Hilmi Özakın

Party mood was announced and there was dancing and singing. You could feel that Hilmi Özakın (vocal/guitar), Güven Çağlar (bass), Doğukan Sözcü (drums) and Ümit Tulumbacı (guitar) love and have taken this music into their hearts. “Island in the Sun” at The Soulist. The repertoire included songs by Bob Marley, UB 40, Morgan Heritage, Alpha Blondy, Third World, Aswad and Stephen Marley. Not forgetting Stevie Wonder (Master Blaster), Sting (Englishman New York), 10cc (Dreadlock Holiday), Eagles (Hotel California) and Walking on the Moon by Police. They played it in the reggae mood very well.

Doğukan Sözcü (drums) and Güven Çağlar (bass)



This reggae band is just great. Hilmi Özakın with the right voice. The rhythm section with Doğukan Sözcü (drums) and Güven Çağlar on bass. Doğukan and Güven were able to create the characteristic sound with bass and drums in a special way, rounded by Ümit Tulumbacı on guitar.

After a good 2½ hours this reggae party ended with “Rise Up” by Yves Larock.


What remained?: Happy and satisfied visitors at the Soulist in Alsancak. Reggae works for young and old. A group of young visitors from the USA, Scotland and Germany who came from Girne said –  “We love it – it was great“.

Review of this great reggae party:

It was now the third concert with The Healers with their performance this year and The Soulist can assert its place in the live music scene in Northern Cyprus in its second year and confirm the initial success. The year 2017 was only a snapshot in my resumé on the occasion of the 1-year existence. The Soulist must at least repeat its first year and confirm it over the next few years. It takes time to become a fixture in terms of live music events in Northern Cyprus. This kind of place closes too fast, because you do not have the time to grow slowly here, you can be dazzled by initial successes and it does not give the owners time to develop slowly. Economic pressure is often too great.

The Soulist now has to rebuild, because the next 4-5 years are a challenge, especially the 2nd year. It’s another tough ride with setbacks that needs to be overcome. The Soulist and Alper Cengiz need plenty of support, so that after the start and the initial euphoria of 2017, somewhere in the long term there will be economic success. “The baby has to be taken care of”  so that The Soulist will remain in Alsancak for the next few years. “Rock on” and “Much more than this” Alper Cengiz.

Where is “The Soulist“:

If you drive along the coastal road west from Girne you arrive in Alsancak, and will see the Coffee and Music House “The Soulist” (Karaoglanoglu Caddesi No. 10) opposite Lemar and the Golden Lady.

DJ Roland:

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