December 8, 2023

North Cyprus received the best stand award for the second time at the Eastern Mediterranean International Tourism and Travel Fair (EMITT) 2018.

The Fair took place between 25-28 January in Istanbul, and brought together more than 1,600 respected tourism professionals from more than 100 countries on an international platform.

Ataoğlu: “Receiving awards shows that the Ministry achieves success by working in compliance with the sector”.

Australia, Canada, China, America, Latin America, Central Asia, Asia Pacific and India have shown great interest at the EMITT Fair, where North Cyprus participated with the eco-house concept.

At the Fair, representatives of Tourism Promotion and Marketing Department, KITSAB, KITOB, KITREB, Health Tourism Council and other stakeholders participated in an efficient promotional activity.

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu emphasized that the Ministry’s first prize, received again this year, shows that the Ministry has achieved success by working harmoniously with the sector, stating that the tourism products of North Cyprus are presented to the world and that they have a great opportunity in attracting new business opportunities.

At the EMITT Fair, Minister Ataoglu stated that many new agreements, especially health and eco tourism areas, have been signed. “With the international relations established and the new agreements signed, we are getting the best results of 42 years and 2018 will see an increase in our tourism revenues. I am sure we will put a smile on the face of our people”, he said.

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