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Rotary Club of Kyrenia Cosmopolitan pre-Christmas Lunch

By Margaret Sheard ….

A huge number of Rotarians and friends gathered together on Sunday 26th November for a pre-Christmas Lunch which was held at the Köműr Restaurant at Lord’s Palace Hotel, Girne. 

This lovely old building was originally a British Colonial house from 1878 and among the many people who lived there we found that George Ludovic Houstoun resided there from 1903 to 1918.  There is also a plaque below the doorbell that he rang twice, except Sundays, to let his wife Anne know to open the door for him.  Although the building has been changed over the years, there are still a lot of the original features to be seen.

There was definitely a party atmosphere in the large restaurant area with decorated tables, crackers and lots of chat and laughter.  We were entertained with a trio of musicians who played Turkish music and moved around the tables playing requests from the guests when asked which made it a very Turkish/Christmas event.

We all enjoyed a nice meal of mezes and kebabs which seemed to go on forever, with different items arriving on our plates, and we finished off with baklava and fruit followed by coffee or tea.  During the afternoon a nice birthday cake arrived for one of the guests who was celebrating her birthday that day.

There was a raffle with some lovely prizes and as the event was closing we were told by newly pinned Rotarian Figen Rasmussen that the twinkling table decorations of Santa etc. could be purchased so a few people went home with early Christmas decorations.

During the afternoon President Gul brought her friend General Fouad Hamid el Khoury, Lebanese Internal Security Forces Commander of the mobile forces, to each of the tables to introduce him. The General was here with his wife Dr Lina, and they were  leaving to go back to Lebanon that evening.

It was nice to meet up with some familiar faces and also talk to new people we hadn’t met before.  We always find these events to have a very friendly atmosphere.

We understand that over 3,000TL raised at the event for Rotary funds.

So thank you Rotary Club of Kyrenia Cosmopolitan for a very nice afternoon to put us in the mood for the fast approaching Christmas season.

See the slideshow below for more photos taken at the event by Rotarian Brian Joyce.

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