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Tulips/HTWCA important announcement for 31st December 2017

Readers Mail
From Sue Tilt and Carole King…


We are unable to announce exactly how much money has been raised during Pink October 2017, as we are still collecting but, to date, we are delighted to announce that we have broken the 200,000TL barrier in only 6 weeks!

We cannot thank everyone enough for their support during this Pink October campaign and you can all see the results of your hard work, it is absolutely amazing!

We will announce the final figure, as soon as we possibly can.

Now onto some other news:

Carole King and Sue Tilt

In June 2015 we announced that we were stepping back a little from the continuous fundraising events that we had been so heavily involved in during the previous four years, as we needed to reclaim our personal lives. As most of you may have noticed this was a short lived exercise in how to semi retire, as we were soon back in the fold of Tulips Fundraising!

Almost 18 months further on (and almost 7 years in total) we have decided that the only way to step back is to totally retire, as to do so partially has, very obviously, not worked for us. Therefore, on the 31st December 2017 we will be retiring fully from Tulips.

When we first embarked on our Tulips fundraising trail in March 2011 (at our first market stall at the Soyz Sunday Market) little did either of us realise where this journey would take us, nor did we realise how many wonderful people we would meet along our trail. We had no idea of the fun we would have and the heartache we would encounter. A journey both of us will never forget and feel privileged to have taken part in.

Raziye Kocaismail (chairperson of Tulips/HTWCA)

Our inspiration has always been motivated by Raziye Kocaismail (chairperson of Tulips/HTWCA) whom we both love, admire and respect, both personally and for her never ending commitment in battling on behalf of all cancer patients and their families in this country. It is because of her that we were inspired to take up the Tulips fundraising campaign and raise awareness of a fantastic charity.

We have been blessed in, not only having Raziye in our lives, but also the many people we have met on this incredible journey. We now have so many friends and have received so much support from so many of you, it truly humbles us and we cannot thank you all enough.

We will publish contact details, when we finish for anyone who wishes to run a fundraising event for Tulips. We are hoping that the awareness that we have raised will inspire people to continue to support and fund raise for the Association. It is important to remember that the growth in cancer patients in this country continues to rise all the time, so it becomes so important to continue to give those diagnosed with cancer and their families as much support as possible.

As the saying goes “All good things must come to an end” and now is the time for us to move on.


Sue and Carole