Daĝli Sigorta (Insurance) is always with you!

From 1967 to 2001, the Dagli company spread all around the island by adding more and more skilled and respected staff to its chain. In 2001, the 15th local insurance company, Dağlı Insurance Company, was established.


The main goal of the company is to:

  • Generally support customers in every way.
  • Supply the public with the guarantees of European Union.
  • Pay the insured with no delays, based on the real market value.
  • Improve the financial power and the value of the organization day by day.


The organization aims to spread its carefully selected agency network all around the island. With its strong financial base and the willingness to adapt to the changes, the organization aims to satisfy the customers’ needs by being the most specialized local company in this sector.

Quality Policy 

Dağlı Insurance Company has the permission from the government for non-life policies and activities. With the experience throughout the years Dağlı Insurance has the mission of being honest, transparent and open to likely changes.

The organization has the ability to keep up with technological changes, constantly improve the financial base and pay the damages of its customers quickly. It has been the first insurance company that has paid for the damage after a car accident within the first 17 hours.

Company Profile

This company formation started in 1967 with Mustafa Dağlı, who had been the director of Güneş Insurance Agency until 1990 which was one of the most respected insurance agencies in Famagusta.

Service:  People profiles at Karaoĝlanoğlu Branch; The expat specialist 0392 822 4005/06

Novber Dağli…..0533 880 0900

Graduating from the Department of Business Administration of Cardiff University in 2006, Novber Dagli was awarded her Master’s degree on Strategic Marketing from 2006-2007. She completed one year insurance education in the Turkish Insurance Institute Foundation in 2007-2008 and has been working as the General Manager in Dagli Insurance since 2008.

She was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors in 2011 and still carries out the same duties.

Novber is also the proud mother of a six year old daughter.

Bridget Tuxworth 0533 820 8257

I worked as a Medical Secretary ın the NHS for 13 years before moving to South Africa for 3 years and on returning to the UK, I worked in the Private Medical Sector as a P.A. to a Consultant Urologist dealing with patients and claims.

Also worked as an Independent Sales Director for The Pampered Chef for several years prior to moving to the TRNC 7 years ago.

Being part of the Daglı Sigorta´family I love and I am very much a people person and enjoy the interaction with customers and the variety of challenges that the job entails.

I have always loved to dance and have done so in one form or another ever since I can remember. I didn’t become a Ballroom and Latin teacher until the tender age of 40 and I still enjoy teaching social dancing in my spare time.

Linda Robinson 0533 866 9387

I lived in the Lake District for 10 years before moving to Cyprus where I enjoyed walking the Fells. I love reading, arts and crafts, mind puzzles etc….I have been a Campanologist (Bellringer and Handbell ringer)since the age of 14. and while living in the TRNC for 14 years I have enjoyed learning the art of Belly Dancing …..I love a challenge.

Since leaving school I have worked for the G.P.O as a telephonist, and B.E.A. at LHR airport, had a milkround, been an Auxiliary Nurse, a carer and an Insurance Agent I have 2 Children and 3 Grand Children.

In the mid 1980’s I was working for an insurance company for 12 years near LHR airport and then in the Lake District after moving there in the early 1990’s. You were given what was called a “round” it was door to door collecting premiums and writing new business on the doorstep!!!…..I do believe though that is not quite the practice anymore in this age of computers and Internet banking, now you get a letter of renewal and you post a cheque or pay by card.

I have been employed by Dagli Sigorta for just 1 year and here the Insurance business is a little different…….. talking to people trying to get new business for the company on a daily basis instead of being given a “round” to collect premiums…..and we give a much more personal service……..definitely the best way to go!


Vehicle Insurance

Third Party Insurance

 Third party insurance is compulsorily required by the law in North Cyprus, which covers the Third person in monetary terms as well as any damage given to the body.

Insurance Coverage:

It covers the Third person’s monetary damage up to 75,000 TL. For bodily injuries the coverage is up to 5,000,000 EURO.

Fully Comprehensive

All guarantees are included in this special policy, with many more advantages. 

  • Within the first year of the insurance, if the vehicle is stolen or lost totally, we replace it with a new one or pay you the value of the car.
  • There is no excess.
  • Third Party damage limit is 100.000 Euro
  • Instalments for credit card payments
  • Credit card payments from your home or work
  • Car rental services (only for damages which requires more then 48 hours, maximum 7 days to be repaired)
  • Lockout, strike, civil commotion and malicious acts.
  • Towing the vehicle to a repair shop in the case of the vehicle being immobile.
  • In claims involving broken glass during the policy period, one claim which is repaired by a contracted glass service station will have no affect on your no-claims bonus.

Other Perils:

Earthquake, flood, storm, terrorist attacks

Valid insurance in South Cyprus (Fully Comprehensive)

Dağlı  Service

Wherever you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can take full advantage of all the services below in the event of an accident or breakdown.


  • Towing your vehicle to a repair shop in the case of the vehicle being immobile from any damage or breakdown
  • Key- makers costs – Unlimited
  • Labour cost of the service provider
  • Stay over because of a breakdown
  • Stay over, continue travelling or return to place of residence – Unlimited
  • Car rental to continue travelling
  • Provision of a driver – Unlimited (Personal)
  • Transportation caused by an illness or injury – Unlimited
  • Transportation back home -Unlimited
  • Stay over or transportation of a family member – Within the country, for a day
  • In the event of an accident, transportation of a family member/s to the hospital – Unlimited
  • Transportation for children who are waiting to go to school or come back home ( valid between 07-08:00 and 12:30-13:30) – unlimited.


Residential Insurance

The risks automatically covered by the house policy are:

  • Fire
  • Fire Lightning
  • Explosions
  • Theft
  • Flood Internal water
  • Storms
  • Landslides
  • Smoke
  • Vehicle impact
  • Aircraft impact
  • Removal of Debris
  • Fire financial liability (neighbourhood / tenant liability)
  • Loss of rent
  • Temporary residence cost (due to suffered losses)
  • Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion, Malicious Acts & Terrorism
  • Earthquake

Expatriate Services

  • Despatch of UK passport renewal applications via DHL to the UK.


Shared from the Cyprus Scene weekly newspaper.