What is Friendship? By Peri Sualp

By Peri Sualp….

People think that friendship is just being friends with somebody. But it’s not all! Friendship is being friends in a true and honest way. Each person has to be a true friend that is open with you. Friendship is a kind of love between people; it only works when it is equal and shared.

Both people need to share similar opinions, but you have to respect different ideas and feelings. You and your friend can fight and disagree over things, but try to work it out. Gossiping and lying behind one’s back is not a real friend attitude and then it’s not going to be a lasting friendship.

If you and your friend are best friends then you have to be real and honest and defend each other. Friendship is more like love but between friends. It’s so hard to find a perfect friend (best friend) that doesn’t lie but will respect you. So what you have to do is just try to talk over your issues rather than fighting and arguing with each other. What’s the point of shouting at each other rather than talking softly and kindly?

Peri and friends

If your friend has gossiped and told your heart’s secrets to somebody, don’t be offended. Give them one more chance to learn to be trustworthy.

First think of your own mistakes before you explode. No one is perfect. Don’t share all your business and hold the crime inside so there isn’t more hurt or revenge.

Forgiveness goes a long way but bullying has no place at any school. If you do not like a person, don’t indicate it to everyone. Just try to act normal and forget about the argument.

Being a good friend is not about giving presents and making them laugh! You have to earn your friends. Have you ever wondered if one of your best friends actually likes you? Sometimes you can know by their attitude and behaviour!

Your friendship doesn’t have to last forever but it takes work to last for a long time.

If you’ve had an argument with your friend, go home do your chores and think about both viewpoints and what went wrong. Try to analyze what and why this happened. The next day, try to talk to your friend to sort out your issue. If this still doesn’t work and you couldn’t find any of your friends to help then you go to your mother or father (somebody that CAN help you) or just text a message that says something kind. Sometimes I’m Sorry is all that you need, or a big smile and hug!!!