‘Think Clean’ to protect and improve Northern Cyprus

Think Clean‘ is an environmental cleanliness and protection project started by the TRNC Presidency. The target of the project is to turn the principle ‘think clean, live clean to a life style with projects involving all departments of the state, municipalities, associations and citizens to create a clean, green, flowery country with blue seas and clean air.

Oya Kutsal

First lady Meral Akinci has been visiting all the municipalities to gain their support for this project and Kyrenia Municipality is contributing to the project by giving a street, with full support for the project by beautifying it.

Oya Kutsal is the Kyrenia project manager of “Think Clean” and she will be forming a team and the work to beautify our streets will begin soon and more information will be made available as soon as possible.

Support by British and other Expatriate NGO’s or individuals will be welcomed by Oya Kutsal and she can be contacted via email on: for more information.

We spoke to Oya Kutsal and asked her if she could give us a little more information and this is what she had to say:

“We have chosen a street together with the municipality and we will work on that street with a team of artists and volunteers. The street is about 200m long and we will create a project first. Then we will decide what to do on the walls, where to put flowers, where to paint and how, if people demand it, we will continue with their streets. Maybe later people will form their own teams and beautify their own streets. We are also planning to create a “most beautiful street” competition.

In this project, with the initial work the municipality will support us financially but later we will need sponsors and donations to enable us to continue the work.  We also need people to raise donations so the work of “Think Clean” can continue.”



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  1. More large bins required, this beautiful island is becoming a big rubbish tip,please sort out the rubbish around karakum cove which unfortunately has become the new rubbish tip