Readers mail……..

One of The Lions Clubs International priorities is to voluntarily screen eyesight and help treat vision. Dedicated Lions all over the world focus even more on the topic during the 9th-15th of October “World Sight Week”.

Following our duties to help provide for our communities’ youth, Mağusa Kale Lions organised a vision screening for infants school children at a local school in Gazimağusa. On the 10th of October a vision screening kit provided by The Lions Clubs International was used to test the eyesight of 20 young children of 5 years of age.

As the children had not yet reached the age of reading, the letter E was first shown to the children by a Lions member to teach them in a fun way to recognise the direction of the letter E before our sponsor Ophthalmologist Doctor Mr Özku Korun began his vision screening.

Each student was tested for their ability to see the special vision test cards posted on the classrooms board. Notes were taken from each child’s response to their vision. Eight out of twenty children’s results were of poor eyesight and were noted for further screening by the Op. Mr Özkan Korun. The school headmistress will inform each parent of their child’s results to confirm and arrange further testing.

Glasses needed by students will be sponsored by the Mağusa Kale Lions Clubs for those who need help in providing glasses for their children.



Ln.Meyrem Dana
Mağusa Kale Lions Club Secretary