We have received the following reader’s mail from Brian Robertson, who has recently had a book published, which covers his time in Cyprus with the Gordon Highlanders in 1955/56, entitled A Gordon for Me.  The book is dedicated to the 16 Gordon Highlanders who lost their lives in Cyprus.

I am hoping to get a friend to bring a copy of the book when he comes to North Cyprus in November and when I have read it, which I am really looking forward to having read the free chapter I subscribed for, I will then be able to do a review.

Book cover courtesy of Ringwood Publishing, Glasgow

Reader’s mail ….


I thought perhaps some members may be interested in a book just published. It is a memoir of my time in Cyprus with the Gordon Highlanders in 1955/6. The title is A Gordon For Me and it’s published by Ringwood Publishing Glasgow http://ringwoodpublishing.com

Aberdeen Camp, Xeros – 1956
Brian left, Kevin Taylor right

This is my latest book. As all readers of Cyprusscene will be aware Britain at this time was trying to hang on to the last remnants of its Empire against the wishes of the Greek Cypriot majority on the island.

The book is dedicated to the 16 young Gordon Highlanders who lost their lives in this action. Many of them were national servicemen and press-ganged into the army as I was. We made the best of it until we could return home. But for 16 young men, this was not to be.

Don’t get me wrong! I enjoyed my time in the army as most national servicemen did and I matured considerably. I still have a way to go perhaps. I’m just 81.

Lefke – main road taken from Police Station by Norman Kerr 1956

My understanding of the political situation during those times was the same as most 18-year-olds—nil. If I am honest it was not until I started reading opinion and reports of the times that I gained some comprehension of why we were there and for what purpose.

In the end, I became very uncomfortable with what I discovered. As a result, several publishers refused the book telling me it was too controversial. Fortunately, a new, young, Ringwood Publishing in Glasgow, agreed to take the book on.

I hope at least some of you enjoy it.

Learn more at http://agordonforme.com

The book will shortly be available at Waterstones and other bookshops.

Brian Robertson

Somme Platoon Gordon Highlanders

Back Row, left to Right — Bell, Fraser 44, Cormack, Sim, Ingram, Rennie 28, Angus 24, Hay, Smith, Cruickshank, Stuart
Centre Row—Cheyne, Fortune, Robertson 57 (me), Campbell, Grant, Shields, Simpson, Allerton, Urquhart, Clyne, Watt, Paterson, Taylor, Sutherland
Front Row—Beaton, Robbie, Nicol, Whyte, Cpl. Dooley, Sgt. Dryburgh, Lt. Martineau, Cpl. Stone, L/Cpl. Watt, Barron, McCubbin. Green, Garden.