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Mağusa Kale Lions Club supporting youth football

Readers mail…….

Mağusa Kale Lions Club’s mission to engage with the youth and encourage a healthy hobby continues with our 2nd Annual Sport Tournament For The Youth.

A professional team of coaches well known in Northern Cyprus, dedicated their precious time to help organise this successful event. Friendly matches between the teams Mağusa Sports Academy, Dumlupınar, Mormenekşe and Yeni-Boğaziçi ended with all cheers as Mağusa Kale Lions Club President, Ln. Fisun Esatoğlu, and President of Northern Cyprus Lions Clubs Federation, Ln. Seray Gürün, awarded each team with 1st place Trophies and participating certificates.


Awards of appreciation were presented to the professional coaches Mr Ahmet Ogan, Mr Okan Erdoğan, Mr Evren Mursel, Mr Vural Köşeoğlu and Mr Halil Erdoğuş for their immense support and dedication to this project.

The  Club Members also enjoyed the matches as much as the young football players. A rewarding feeling came soon to the Mağusa Kale Lions Committee Board as we witnessed and heard the players, together with their supportive parents and guardians indicating that they were already looking forward to our 3rd Annual Sports Tournament.


Ln.Meyrem Dana
Mağusa Kale Lions Club Secretary

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