By Chris Elliott…….

Many of our readers are so frustrated by the unjust treatment implemented by the UK, EU, UN and the world in general against the Turkish Cypriots of Northern Cyprus.

This frustration is often shown through comments made on articles we have published and we even receive letters from readers who ask us to publish them.

We have received the following letter from Richard Chamberlain which we understand has been sent to PM May and FM Johnson and perhaps it’s time with the UK heading for a Brexit and being punished by the EU for even thinking it, to stand up and show that the UK still is “Great Britain”.

It’s time for change and long awaited justice. The UK will be damned if they do or don’t take the lead in solving a problem they created and have chosen to ignore for the past 50 plus years.

Readers Mail……….

“Dear Prime Minister, Teresa May and Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson,

In 1954/55 I was called up for National Service and served in the Royal Signals in Cyprus. At that time the British ruled the Island.

Richard Chamberlain

On April 1st 1955, a terrorist campaign started to get the British out and gain Independence, and also “Enosis” (Union with Greece) was stepped up.

After a lot of trouble and bloodshed the Turkish Army “Intervened” and restored calm. Since then the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots have lived separated by a United Nations “Green Line”. It should be said it has been mainly peaceful since.

Unfortunately and Unjustly the Greek Cypriots were allowed to join the European Union without the Turkish Cypriots. Since then the Greek Cypriots have done everything they could internationally to make life harder for the Turkish Cypriots, who are “Embargoed” and not recognised by the rest of the world, and yet it has been the Turkish Cypriot side that has voted for reunification. They were promised recognition by the EU and UN, but nothing has been done about it.

“Peace Talks” have just failed again because of the Greek Cypriots intransigence so I think it is now time for the British Government and You, to take the lead and Recognise The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, especially as Britain is leaving the European Union and needs as many friends and Trading Partners as she can get. Recognising Northern Cyprus would please Turkey immensely and then Turkey, with 77 million people, could be another large Trading Partner for Britain.

Another thing that Britain has unjustly and unfairly recently done is to introduce new flight restrictions on passengers travelling to and from Northern Cyprus who have to stop over at Istanbul. Now the British Government has introduced new restrictions where passengers have to disembark and go through “Security Checks” again. This is completely unnecessary because there has never been any problem flying from Northern Cyprus to Britain or back again. This is making Old People, Disabled People, Women and Children, massive inconvenience for no reason. Most of these people are enjoying their retirement in Northern Cyprus and are being severely inconvenienced for visiting friends and relations in Britain. You could stop this now just by telling the department that introduced this stupid idea to, Stop it Now!

Please do this now, and you will gain a lot of friends. I hope you will read this letter and take the points in it seriously and act on them,

Yours Sincerely,

 Richard Chamberlain”