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North Cyprus and more news of TKOD and Road Safety

By  Chris Elliott……..

Following on from our article, Northern Cyprus and the drive for Road Safety we have had a look at the very informative TKOD website the “Road Traffic Accidents Prevention Association” which although in Turkish language it can be translated with reasonable accuracy on most platforms using a Google App.

On the TKOD website can be found up to date information about the work of the Road Trafik Park plus press releases detailing many aspects concerning Road Safety that concern all who live in the TRNC.

We have also looked at the Ministry of Transport and TRNC Police websites which can give some very interesting information if readers are prepared to go to them and try the Google translate option.

Northern Cyprus has its critics and we view these as being some Turkish Cypriots living in the Diaspora who would like to see changes but feel they are unable to bring influence to bear or expatriates who have the language barrier to overcome.

Living here in Northern Cyprus, we have found the information is available if you try to find it and also that increasingly, different communities are wanting and offering to help each other which bodes well for the continued development of the TRNC including that of the desire for improved Road Safety.

In conclusion many of the critics of the development of the TRNC are like bad drivers in that they are thinking within a box and not aware of the greater picture around them  and the outcome is misjudgement and in the case of bad drivers, accidents occur.

Education in the two previous examples will in the long term, help a better understanding and if all communities support and help the police to enforce the laws then many of the standards of Road Safety will improve.

Please see below some of the Road safety activities to be undertaken by TKOD during the month of May.