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By Kim Betts…….

It has been a busy few months for KAR Pet Travel and April saw the beginning of yet more new paperwork, issued by HMRC, for TRNC pets arriving into Heathrow. Some of the pets that travelled from TRNC during the first 2 weeks of April did not qualify for tax relief, but this week our very first Tax Free (under the new rules) pets arrived !!

Teddy, Toby and Tommy’s (affectionately nicknamed by us as the 3Ts) owner, Patricia, had returned to the UK earlier and the dogs were waiting out their 3 month time period before they could travel.

Their travel date was set for April 18th with them arriving on April 19th. Teddy had a custom built travel crate made, as he was too large for the pre-made plastic ones. On the day we made sure that they each had familiar smelling bedding in their boxes, which had been left with us by Patricia. It was lovely to watch them sniffing and scrunching the bedding, before settling down with their noses buried in it.

Although they had a long journey the 3 Ts arrived safely at Heathrow on the morning of the 19th and in good spirits plus they also avoided the new UK duty – so they could be re nicknamed as the Duty Three !!!! They were delivered, by Martin from Animal Couriers, on the same day to the door of a very excited Patricia. They have settled very well and we have recently had updates which we would like to share along with part of the correspondence between KAR Pet Travel and their owner and family.

I am attaching a few pictures taken just after they were in their boxes – sorry about the quality but they didn’t all want to pose !!! I will try and get you a flight update later. Kind regards Kim”

“Thank you so much for the update Kim, we have been thinking of nothing else. Mum says she is really grateful for all your help and she cannot wait to see them. And thanks for the photos. XX”

From Animal Couriers – “Just to let you know Kim that the dogs have been safely delivered to Patricia”

 “Hi Kim, The 3Ts arrived safe and sound, been introduced to my 2 and settled well. Off to the common today and all those weird new smells and deer! Mum (and I) would like to say an enormous thank you to you for organising it and keeping us up- dated. We appreciate all the care and effort you put into it. They are already a great distraction and comfort to Mum. fond regards”

“Here are 2 piccies of the boys and my 2 getting to know one another. All went smoothly on the initial introduction yesterday and the walk this morning.”


 It looks as if there is going to be many Happy Days ahead for the Duty Threes