December 4, 2023

By Chris Elliott……..

When the sun starts to shine and you can feel its warmth on your cheeks how nice it is to meet up with friends and just sit and chat and this is what I did with Meryem Ozcilem who I met way back and she was so helpful when we were writing an article about the TRNC White Card or Permanent Residency Permit for CyprusScene.

She is a very forward thinking lady with a vision of many different nationalities living together in harmony in North Cyprus and this is perhaps due to her past career experiences of helping expatriates.

Promoting tourism through the promotion of the restaurant industry has also been on her list of things to do which she has done a-globe-of-beautywith great success.

Many of Meryem’s Facebook friends know her for her very striking fashion photographs and also her love of creating beautiful decorative display pieces.

She also likes to cook at home and shares photographs of the many mouth watering dishes she has created.

Talking of food as we chatted, we also enjoyed breakfast and I leave it with our readers to guess who had which breakfast.


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