By John Aziz Kent……..

Dear Chris and Margaret,

I follow your articles and others printed on your cyprusscene page and it is very refreshing to see an English couple who John Aziz Kent smlhave discovered the TRUTH of the Cyprus issue between Greek and Turkish Cypriots.

And how the Greek side with the help of other nations have managed to put the Cypriot Turks into an open prison for over half a century I think these countries that spoiled the Hellenic nation of Greece and the always conniving Cypriot, so called, State that managed to graduate from the highest school of liars way back in 1950 under the guidance of Makarios, the Archbishop of the Orthodox Church who decided to unite Cyprus with Greece.

He had no thoughts for the 35% Turkish Cypriot population and so he called in Grivas a murdering General from Greece who formed a terrorist organisation called EOKA with a bunch of killers to help him and anybody who objected to Enosis, he had them killed.

Those people who were killed for objecting to the move for Enosis were Cypriot Greeks and Turks and English as well and so many Turkish Cypriots emigrated and their properties were requisitioned so they could never come back and the Turkish population has diminished to its present low numbers. I too had to leave my homeland in 1956 and there were also two attempts on my own life, one in Cyprus and later one in London.

The last Greek attempt to annihilate the Turks or force them out of Cyprus was stopped by Turkey who as a guarantor power intervened in 1974 and the Turkish Cypriots have been able to live in peace and make a future for themselves despite being disadvantaged by embargoes and being unrecognised.

With the help of the EU, the Greek Cypriots are trying to push Turkey out of future involvement as a guarantor power so they can achieve their objective and the EU, UN and others are still not aware of the lies and crocodile tears of the Greek Cypriots as they manage to convince everybody that the Turks and Turkish Cypriots are all to blame for the tragedy of the Cyprus Issue. The Greek Cypriots have always laid the blame for the Cyprus issue on the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey and don’t seem to accept anything that happened prior to 1974 when Turkey intervened to stop the slaughter of the Turkish Cypriots.     

On the 16th February 2017 we have seen angry Greek Cypriot Leader, Nikos Anastasiades, walking out of the Leaders meeting saying “I have nothing else to say” according to Turkish Cypriot President Akinci when the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor, Espen Barth Eide tried to wrap up the discussion.

The Greek Cypriots are adamant that they will destroy the Turkish Cypriot nation even though they are destroying themselves with their lies, lies and yet more lies.