December 6, 2023

Shayna will she Shine ? Such a Shame.


By Kim Betts…….
Kyrenia Animal Rescue……..

Over the last few weeks, as many of you know, we have been liaising with potential Office Angels who want to know more about the role. It has been a concern for them about how we cope with the neglect or cruelty cases that we have to deal with. We have been really happy when we tell them that “We do not have as many nowadays as we used to – however,” we explain, “that still doesn’t stop the shock and upset that we feel when they do come in”….and Friday 17th February was no exception !

We were nearly finishing our lunch (interrupted by numerous phone calls as usual) when a couple (Judy and Vincent) came into the office with such a sorrowful dog who was shivering with fear and also cold. What a terrible condition she was in …..Her fur had come off in clumps and her skin was bleeding and was so infected that the smell was overpowering.


Judy and Vincent had found her on the road leading down to Shayna beach Catalkoy. They couldn’t just ignore her – as probably so many others must have done (after all she had not got into this condition overnight!) – And they had carefully put her into their car and took her to the nearest vet. Altay tested her for Leish and thankfully she was negative and after careful examination he gave her injection to reduce the itching and soreness. She has mange – mange is a non contagious skin condition – and Shayna (today’s office angels have named her) had a very bad case. She has also had an allergy/reaction to fleas. She is malnourished and is very very weak.

It was such a shame for Shayna – she shivered as she was carefully processed in the office and shrank back into the safety of Judy’s legs. Yet despite everything a couple of times her startling blue eyes looked up with a little bit of a spark. She has unusual colouring – probably best described as a cream with brindle and her coat should be absolutely beautiful, thick and shiny. Instead it is sparse, missing and what is left is coarse – but there is beauty underneath that needs to recover and show itself again.

the-shame-of-shayna-imageShe was wearing a blue collar but, as with so many here, she is not micro chipped. We think she is just under 1 year old …….she will be taken to the KAR Rescue Center to continue with her treatment and hopeful recovery. Judy and Vincent have very kindly offered to contribute towards her treatment but they know, as we all do, that she is not out of the woods yet ….she has a long long way to go. It is such a shame for Shayna but more importantly SHAME on you who let her get like this.

We are all hoping, against the odds maybe, that Shayna will eventually shine – her coat will shine – her eyes will shine …she will be a shining example of what love, kindness and care can do.

Let her Shine.

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