TRNC News 17.2.2017 – Akinci “Greek Cypriot leader did not respect our sensitivities and slammed the door hard”

Akıncı: “Greek Cypriot leader did not respect our sensitivities, and slammed the door hard”

President Mustafa Akıncı said that the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades walked out of negotiations in the buffer zone yesterday.

In a statement at the Presidency following his meeting with Anastasiades, Akıncı said that when the issue of the resolution taken in the Greek Cypriot Parliament marking the Enosis Plebiscite was discussed, Anastasiades stated there was nothing else to say and left, slamming the door behind him, despite Eide’s effort to provide conciliation.


Akıncı asked Anastasiades at the meeting to clarify his stance on the issue and take steps to rescind the decision to mark the Enosis plebiscite at schools. Akıncı also asked Anastasiades to make clear to his people that he does not support this decision.

“We were waiting for Anastasiades to publicly announce this and then take a step to denounce the law but he did not give us a guarantee or reassurances on this issue,” Akıncı said.

Akıncı stated that the Greek Cypriot side simply submitted a 5 page text with their contrary arguments, did not listen to the concerns of the Turkish Cypriot side on this highly sensitive issue and left the meeting despite the efforts of the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide.

However, Akıncı stressed it was possible to return to the negotiations, and that it was up to the Greek Cypriot side to open the door again.

Özgürgün: “This shows a complete disregard for all international powers who contribute to the negotiation process”

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün stated that Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades’ attitude during the leaders’ meeting yesterday demonstrated a complete disregard for all the international powers who contributed to the negotiation process in the past 20 months.


In his written statement, Özgürgün noted however that Anastasiades’ leaving the table was not a surprise, especially in light of the Greek Cypriot attitude during and after the negotiations in Mont Pelerin.

Özgürgün continued that that the leaders’ meeting was overshadowed from the outset by the negativity caused by the Greek Cypriot side’s decision to mark the Enosis plebiscite at schools, although  Anastasiades’ leaving the table  shocked many people, including the UN Secretary General’s Special Advisor on Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide.

Özgürgün stressed that Anastasiades’ attitude proved once again that the Greek Cypriot side’s mentality, which does not see the Turkish Cypriots as their equal partners, has not changed.

Çavuşoğlu: “Greek Cypriot parliament’s Enosis decision is unacceptable for Turkey and Turkish Cypriots”

The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has said that as part of the Cyprus talks, the attitude of the Greek Cypriot side has demonstrated its attitude towards the negotiation process on the island. He added “the Enosis decision of the Greek Cypriot parliament is an unacceptable decision for Turkey and Turkish Cypriots”.


Çavuşoğlu said that the problem was caused by the Greek Cypriots both now and in the past.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu continued: “This crisis did not begin today with Anastasiades leaving the negotiation table. It began with the adoption of this resolution by the Greek Cypriot parliament. They are still talking about Cyprus’ union with Greece. In other words, they have not abandoned their hopes to unite Cyprus with Greece, but on the other hand they say that Turkish guarantees are no longer necessary.

Çavuşoğlu also added: “the Greek Cypriot side wants Enosis and on the other hand they do not want Turkey’s guarantee on the island. Their real intentions have emerged with these approaches. In these matters, they have revealed how correct the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey are. We have always shown a constructive attitude so far. We know what we want, we know what we do not want. We clearly demonstrate this attitude at meetings as a confident and self-reliant state. We see that the same attitude is being demonstrated by the Turkish Cypriot side. In such a case, the Greek Cypriot side has left the table. If the Greek Cypriot side genuinely wants to talk, they will return to the negotiating table, it is up to them. If they don’t want to continue, then there will be no further negotiations.”

Markulli: “Akıncı’s reaction to Enosis decision is absolutely right”

On the decision of the Greek Cypriot parliament to mark the Enosis plebiscite at Greek Cypriot schools, Greek Cypriot Former Foreign Minister Erato Kozaku Markulli has said that she knew President Akıncı would react, and is  “absolutely right” to do so.


In a statement, Markulli said: “I anticipated that the Turkish Cypriot leader would show this reaction, and this time Akıncı is absolutely right. I called on Anastasiades to cancel the process initiated by ELAM, which wants to sow the seeds of dangerous insecurity between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Let us give a message that we condemn the return to the nationalistic excitement of the past, and that we want a free and reunited common homeland.”

Prime Minister opens the second International Northern Cyprus Cycling Tour

Yesterday saw the start of the second International Northern Cyprus Cycling Tour, in which 139 cyclists from different countries are participating.

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün opened the tour at Kyrenia Gate.


18 teams from 16 countries participated in the cycling tour which is being held under the auspices of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Prime Ministry and with the contributions of Northern Cyprus Cycling Federation, Sports Department and the Ministry of Tourism and Environment. The slogans for the event are “While you live, discover as long as you ride” and “World cyclists are exploring Northern Cyprus”.

Over the course of the tour, a distance of 543 kilometres will be covered at 4 stages, over 4 days.

More than 400 guests are being hosted in the country, including sportsmen and technical teams. Press teams from abroad are also present in the TRNC in order to follow the tour.

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  1. I feel so sorry for the Turkish side after all they have done. They have been so patient, yet have stood up for their rights. Only to be slapped in the face by the idiot Greek Cyp leader. Childish, unprofessional and goes to show, that people in power, not all, but many still want to be as before 1974 when Turkey intervened in what would have been nothing more than genocide in today’s terms

  2. It’s a sad day it has to be the end of any negotiations now, everyone expected this so it’s no surprise but it’s still very frustrating and Quite frankly the Government who run the south are an absolute disgrace.

  3. Now that the negotiations have ended, can the rest of the world recognise the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and stop boycotting this lovely country.