President Akıncı evaluated the Cyprus Conference and the negotiation process in Geneva

President Mustafa Akıncı held a press conference at Ercan Airport upon his return to the island following the completion of the five-party conference and the Cyprus negotiations in Geneva.

During a press conference, President Akıncı said that in order to conclude the negotiations, issues related to Territory, Security and Guarantees, Property and Executive power-sharing must be incorporated into the same solution.


Akıncı said the agreement reached on 1 December has been implemented as agreed. Akıncı stated that progress was made during the negotiations from 9 – 11 January and the processes for discussion at the five-party conference started on 12 January.

Akıncı said that the negotiation process began with the participation of both sides during the first 3 days of the conference. The negotiations then continued with the participation of the 3 guarantor countries and the EU as an observer.

Akıncı also noted that maps for proposed territorial adjustments were mutually presented by the two leaders and submitted to the UN. “The maps are now in the hands of the UN.  These maps will only come out with the decision of the two leaders” said Akıncı.

The President stated that the Turkish Cypriot side took its place in the five-party conference as equals with the other participants.

 “It was exactly a five-party conference. Both the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots were there as equals. Permanent members of the Security Council were not present at the conference. The Cyprus Republic was not represented either.” President Akıncı noted that the EU’s observer status was approved by the Turkish and Greek Cypriots, and the EU’s status will remain the same.

The leaders of the both the Turkish and Greek Cypriots, and the Foreign Ministers of the three guarantor countries, made speeches at the conference following the opening speech by the UN Secretary-General.

5 working groups will be formed as part of the negotiations and they will start work in Mont Pèlerin as of 18 January. A group under the presidency of Özdil Nami will represent the Turkish Cypriot side.

The conference has not finished but has taken on a new form, President Akıncı noted, and the preparatory works for the conference are being taken to a higher level.

Akıncı indicated that if a solution is reached at the end of the conference, there will need to be very intensive technical studies such as the preparation of the Constitution and drafting federal laws. Akıncı said that before any referendum, both sides should take the necessary time to prepare for and understand what needs to be done as part of a proposed solution.

President Mustafa Akıncı stated that they have been in close dialogue and consultation with Turkey from the very beginning of the negotiation process and they will continue with the same attitude. Indicating that Turkey’s support is very important to the Turkish Cypriot people, Akıncı said that he does not observe the same close relationship between Greece and the Greek Cypriot side.

Erdoğan: “You should not expect a solution without Turkey as a guarantor – we are going to be there forever”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan responded to questions from the media about the agenda in the Cyprus negotiations.


When asked about the Cyprus negotiation process, Erdoğan stated that TRNC is working intensely and sincerely, but South Cyprus and Greece, still have different expectations. Erdoğan highlighted that nobody should expect a solution without Turkey as a guarantor, and that Turkey will remain in Cyprus forever.

Erdoğan also mentioned that Turkey and Greece could keep the previously agreed number of soldiers on the island: 950 Greek troops and 650 Turkish troops.

Commenting on demands that all Turkish troops be withdrawn from the island, Erdoğan added that a full withdrawal of Turkish troops was out of the question. “If such is being thought of, then both sides need to pull out all of their soldiers” he said.

Yıldırım: “Turkey’s guarantees on Cyprus cannot be given up or abolished”

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım responded to questions from the media about discussions the previous day in the TBMM General Assembly regarding the first four items of the Constitution and criticism about the Cyprus negotiations.


When asked why he did not go to Geneva for the multilateral conference on Thursday, Yıldırım said there was no need to go and asked if he should have gone there to “barter away” Turkey’s rights in Cyprus.

“There is no need to go; the negotiations in Cyprus have been going on for years” he added.

Yıldırım also talked about Turkey’s conditions and red lines in the negotiations, which he described as clear. Yıldırım said that the conditions are as follows:

Article 1: Regarding Security and Guarantees in Cyprus, Turkey’s effective guarantee and security cannot be abandoned or removed.

Article 2: If a federal state based on two communities in different states is to be established, the administration and the power-sharing mechanisms must be fair and equal.

Article 3: Any victimization or the abolition of the vested rights of the Turkish Cypriot side on the issue of territory and property is out of the question. In short, a federal Cyprus state should satisfy the needs of the two sides.

Çavuşoğlu: “Sensitivities of Turkish Cypriots and Turkish citizens on security, guarantee, territory and other issues are our sensitivities”

In his press conference organized following the close of 9th Conference of Ambassadors, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said that any “sensitivities of the Turkish Cypriot and Turkish citizens on security, guarantee, territory and other issues are our sensitivities. We defend our rights and interests to the last. No one needs to worry.”


Çavuşoğlu said that at the conference they discussed Turkey’s foreign policy. Minister Çavuşoğlu also discussed the Cyprus negotiations and stressed that Turkey is constructive in supporting all parties in their efforts to find a solution in Cyprus. Çavuşoğlu also expressed that although some progress was made at the end of the negotiations, some areas of disagreement remain.

When discussing Turkey’s role at the negotiation table at the five-party conference, Çavuşoğlu said that Turkey and TRNC share the same views. Adding that the TRNC negotiation team proved that the TRNC is a mature and visionary state, Çavuşoğlu said that “They showed how determined they are for a solution but not at all costs”.

Çavuşoğlu also said that Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yıldırım, was ready to participate in the negotiations held on 12 January but as Greece did not wish to attend the meeting at the Prime Minister level, it would not be suitable for Yıldırım to participate.

A Turkish Cypriot student’s discovery can help to cure cancer

A 26 years old young Turkish Cypriot student, Mustafa Pehlivan, who studied pharmacy at a university in the UK, has made a discovery which will help to cure cancer and assist patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer.


Pehlivan discovered a cell which will help to prevent cancer spreading around the human body. Pehlivan has taken a patent for his discovery. His next step will be to find a pharmaceutical company to produce the drug.

Pehlivan is still doing his Master’s Degree at the International Cyprus University where he is undertaking cancer research. His research at Hertfordshire University, where he discovered “Nano Floro Tricyclohexane,” is winning general approval in the scientific world.

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