Geneva and Erdogan’s statement on Cyprus Guarantees


Esra Aygin

In this past week during which the Geneva Peace Talks and 5 Party Conference was held, it has been very difficult perhaps due to the language issues to get a clear picture of who said what due to the lack of clear explanation in the media.

Thankfully the Turkish Cypriots had a Freelance Journalist, Esra Aygin, in Geneva reporting about the progress of the talks and conference and she also is a professional conference interpreter and translator and has shared the following explanation of President Erdogan’s statement about Guarantees which has been placed in the social media.


“Translation of Erdogan statements for my English-speaking friends because there is so much misinformation out there:”

President Erdogan

“North Cyprus is working intensely and demonstrating sincerity. South Cyprus and guarantor power Greece have different expectations. For example, security and guarantees. We clearly told them. Don’t expect a guarantee scheme that does not include Turkey.

We are there forever. Secondly, in security, there was a previously agreed number, Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots should have equal number of troops; Greece 950 and us 650. This should continue. It is out of question for the Turkish troops to withdraw completely… If that is the thought, then both sides should completely withdraw troops.

For example, you know there is open Varosha, closed-off Varosha, and Kokkina (Erenkoy), the area between Kokkina and Morphou. Both Mr. Akinci and I told them clearly; if you want to open the whole of Famagusta for Greek Cypriots (he means Famagusta including Varosha being returned) we have a proposal: Let’s join the area between Kokkina and Morphou and keep this area under Turkish Cypriot control and return open Varosha and closed-off Varosha. You cannot ask for all, for Rizokarpaso, this place, that place…

The one to four ratio is unacceptable: the Greek Cypriot side to hold presidency for four terms while the Turkish Cypriot side holds it for only one term.

We talked about this. It should be one to two. Turkish Cypriot side can hold the presidency for one term and the Greek Cypriot side can hold it for two terms. This is the fair solution.”


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  1. This whole fiasco is exasperating, the south want it their way or no way! I feel very sorry for the President who is being totally fair and sensible.

  2. The future safety of Turkish Cypriots MUST be secured in view of the continuing “hate-speak” against them by even the young Greek Cypriots. (Speaking from personal experience and evidence on the internet).

  3. How come that any agreement will still favour the Greek side getting the lion’s share?

    • The answer is whether we like it or not, that the RoC is recognised by the UN/EU and the world with the exception of Turkey and the RoC is in the EU and the TRNC is not.

      Successive UK governments have supported and compounded bad and unfair decisions that previous UK governments have made that disadvantaged the TRNC and Turkish Cypriots.