December 8, 2022

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After the shock of reading a most misleading and unhelpful reader’s letter published in a local newspaper, it is so nice to try and put the record straight and applaud all of those wonderful people, businesses and organisations who try so hard consistently to help the plight of those with cancer by fundraising the work of Tulips Help Those With Cancer Association

It was with great delight that my good friends Lou (Linda) Burton and John Redgate sent me news and a few photos of an event that was held at the SeAngle Bar, Çatalköy on Saturday 27th November to raise donations through EFRAR, to support the invaluable ongoing work of Tulips and John said:

“It was music provided by two customers, on behalf of Tulips, who during the entertainment, asked music questions. Raffle was carried out with around 15 prizes. Donations, including from the bar, as musicians wanted no money. Linda (Lou) provided table snacks and I believe 700TL was raised.

Even Linda (Lou) chipped in with a couple of songs and over 40 people were entertained well into the night.”

Happy chappie, Lou Burton and Mary Watson
Happy chappie, Lou (Linda) Burton and Mary Watson

Cyprusscene, also, receive a brief report from EFRAR from Sue Steel, see below, summing up their fund raising event.

E.F.R.A.R. 2017

Raising money for TULIPS (Help Those With Cancer Association)

OVER 40 people packed the SeAngle Bar in Çatalköy on Saturday 26th November for an evening of fun in support of E.F.R.A.R. and Tulips – Help Those With Cancer. The popular duo, John and Bob, provided excellent music and combined the entertainment with a music quiz which challenged even the most enthusiastic music lovers. With contributions for taking part in the quiz, money from the bar and a raffle, the event raised 700TL.

Lou singing with John and Bob
Lou (Linda) singing with John and Bob

Mary Watson, Chair of E.F.R.A.R. said “Everyone was very generous and I would like to thank Lou Burton, the team and John & Bob for their support”.

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  1. Well done. Unfortunately Linda organise this event on the same night as I I had organised a party for Hope for Pets,Otherwise I would have gone to support!

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