September 23, 2023

By Kim Betts…….

Kyrenia Animal Rescue……..

We are so pleased to report that Roxy is rallying but she is certainly not out of the woods yet.

Roxy remains at the vets receiving treatment and she is, as you can see from her photo, looking better – albeit still very far from well.


She has put on some weight and her leg wound is healing nicely after being treated with antibiotics.

However it has been noticed that she does appear to have a problem with her walking. After discussions with the vet it is thought that this could be a problem with her knees. She is now going to examined by a vet who is more experienced in orthopaedic conditions in animals and we will all anxiously await his report.

At least she is comfortable, is receiving treatment, and is with kind people who are caring for her – but it is not a foregone conclusion that it will be a positive outcome for Roxy.

Roxy’s road is still a winding one and we do not yet know where it will take her.

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