June 1, 2023

By Chris Elliott……. 

Today an agreement will be signed by Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Berat Albayrak, and TRNC Economy and Energy Minister, Sunat Atun and work will commence soon on the laying of an undersea electricity cable link between the two countries which will allow for greater involvement of the TRNC in the interconnected electricity system for the Eastern Mediterranean and Europe.

Picture courtesy of the TRNC Public Information Office

How this arrangement will affect the current UN sponsored peace talks between the TRNC and the RoC has yet to play out.

Some will say this is an increasing takeover of North Cyprus by Turkey so how can a settlement be reached?

The big issue which will be hard to resolve will be property ownership and already we have Turkish water being pumped into a massive reservoir at Geçitiköy after the project started with the construction of Alakopru Dam in Anamur Turkey in March 2011. The water is then pumped up the mountain to a huge water purification and distribution plant at Çamlibel from where it is pumped through a vast network of new pipes and additional pumping stations around the TRNC and across whose land does it cross some will ask?

With the arrival of electricity through an undersea cable and as it comes ashore it will then need to be connected to an upgraded TRNC electricity network system, so again we may have issues of land and its use in this much needed development project causing issues.

The project to supply water known as Peace Water, was promoted as the “Project of the Century” and this has now become a reality and it is now being followed by electricity which could also be Peace Electricity if the naysayers could move forward from the past and learn from mistakes made and plan to live in harmony and prosperity either as brothers or neighbours in the future..

4 thoughts on “Electricity supply agreement via Turkey to be signed today 11th October 2016

  1. While reading this I’m sitting at home waiting for a tankard of water to be delivered and have been for the last 3 hours.The Turkish water arrived in Esentepe 3 weeks ago and was on 24/7 for a week.For the last two weeks the water has been rationed to 1 day on 4 days off Let us hope this doesn’t happen to the electricity.

    Sorry to put the dampeners on some potentially good news but I really can’t get too excited given the way the water has been mismanaged.

    1. Sorry to hear that ART about your water. Our mains pressure has been on for the last 2 nights and this evening the mains pressure was on for a least 2 hours so who is at fault the Municipalities or another??.

      Cyprus Mail are saying the water situation in the south is similar to that of 2008 when water stored was just 21% and they then tried to ship water in from Greece. Click here

      Perhaps we should offer them some Peace water but then the Archbishop may prefer to piddle.

      1. Or pray? I seem to recall special prayers for rain back then. Yeah that’ll do it … NOT!

  2. 2 days this week with water in Ozankoy that we have noted and maybe more! Today WOWee it was on at 12.00 noon and still on at 19.10 so dare I suggest the management here is beginning to get right despite the naysayers and as I recall we had the same comments when the contract was signed to bring water over. Its here and now flowing to many taps so with electricity the task may not be so difficult or long to achieve.

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