TRNC News 11.10.2016 – Akinci speaks at 23rd World Energy Congress

Akıncı speaks at the 23rd World Energy Congress

President Mustafa Akıncı gave a speech at the 23rd World Energy Congress in İstanbul, the most important global organization of the World Energy Council.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, Venezuela President Nicolas Madura and President of Azerbaijan İlhan Aliyev attended the opening of the Congress, which was hosted by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, under the theme, “Embracing New Frontiers”.


Highlighting the intensified negotiation process which has been ongoing for 16 months, President Akıncı said, “If the Greek Cypriot side also displays a logical and realistic understanding, then a bi-zonal federation will soon be possible.”

Akıncı pointed out that the main theme of the 23rd World Energy Congress is “Share for peace”, and stressed that this could be achieved in the Eastern Mediterranean if Cyprus also takes an active role.

Akıncı said, “Should we reach a solution to the Cyprus Problem, a United Federated Cyprus will be able to contribute to matters of international energy security and energy access”. He said the natural gas discovered in the region “can reach Europe in the most economic and safe way through an energy corridor that will be constructed in Cyprus via Turkey.” Akıncı added that this would not only benefit Greek and Turkish Cypriots, but would allow countries like Turkey, Greece, Israel and Egypt, which play an important role in the region, to redefine their relations in the spirit of peace and cooperation.

President Akıncı said that the settlement in Cyprus would be a huge opportunity for the larger geographical region.

Akıncı explained that that an energy deal to construct an undersea electricity cable link between the Middle East and Europe via Turkey is on the agenda, as well as natural gas. He said: “Rather than implementing a subsea power cable project between Israel, South Cyprus, Crete and Greece, the project between Israel, Cyprus and Turkey will be faster, cheaper and shorter. The solution to problems on the island will create new horizons in these fields.”

During the Congress, President Mustafa Akıncı also met with Presidents of Turkey, Russia, Venezuela and Azerbaijan.

Electricity supply agreement via Turkey to be signed today

The agreement to supply undersea electricity from Turkey to the TRNC via cable link will be signed today.


The agreement will be signed by Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Berat Albayrak, and TRNC Economy and Energy Minister, Sunat Atun. Work on an undersea electricity cable link between the two countries will soon begin.

The agreement will allow for greater involvement of the TRNC in the interconnected electricity system for the Eastern Mediterranean and Europe.

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