December 10, 2022

Turkish President Erdoğan received Ertuğruloğlu

Ertugruloglu and Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan received Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu who is continuing to hold contacts in Ankara. The meeting which was closed to the press took place at the Presidential complex.

The Leaders confirm their commitment to existing mutual agreements

President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades met in the buffer zone yesterday as part of the intensified negotiation process. Following the Leaders’ meeting, President Akıncı made a statement to the press and said that six meetings will take place in July.

Mustafa Akinci

President Akıncı stated that the vision of both Turkish and Greek Cypriots is to preserve the validity of the common understandings and agreements which have been reached so far. Akıncı emphasized that it is important not to change or weaken these agreements. Stating that discussions about federal competencies are continuing, Akıncı said that the property chapter will be addressed as early as July 1. He added that despite all the positive convergences, some disagreements remain.

The discussions at yesterday’s meeting focused on two sub-headings of the federal competencies chapter: “the cooperation and coordination agreements to be established between the two constituent states and among the federal central government and constituent states” and “deal-making authorities of the constituent states within their jurisdiction”.

Akıncı said that for the first time, comprehensive negotiations about these chapters are being held at Leaders’ level. He added that they are close to finalizing this matter.

Mentioning that he shares the grief of the Greek Cypriot community and sent a condolence message to Nikos Anastasiades regarding the ongoing forest fires in Troodos and the fire-fighters who lost their lives, President Akıncı expressed his sadness that the communities were unable to collaborate even in the face of such a disaster.

Akıncı explained that this lack of solidarity between the two sides is problematic. He argued that everyone who values their environment, nature, and society should think and act in accordance with a framework of solidarity, adding that the event will have a damaging impact not only on the forest itself, but also on both communities, whose disappointment will grow. Akıncı insisted that it was crucial to overcome these political obstacles in such circumstances.

Mehmetçik Municipality will take Cittaslow membership in Portugal

Mehmetçik Mayor Cemil Sarıçizmeli travelled to Vizela, Portugal today in order to attend the Cittaslow International General Assembly meeting where the Mehmetçik Municipality will be accepted as an official member of the movement.


With the membership of Mehmetçik, the number of Cittaslow member cities in the TRNC has risen to three.

Yeniboğaziçi was the first city in North Cyprus to sign up, and Lefke officially became the second member of the movement in November last year. As of March 2016, there were 213 cities in 30 countries with the title of Cittaslow.

Anastasiades: “Progress is encouraging but important issues still need to be discussed”

The Greek Cypriot Administration Leader Nikos Anastasiades stated that the progress regarding chapters in the negotiations is ongoing but there are important issues that still need to be discussed.

Nikos Anastasiades

In his statement following the meeting with President Mustafa Akıncı, the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades said: “I hope we will reach a solution that will be acceptable by both communities through intense dialogue in the negotiations”.

In yesterday’s meeting, Anastasiades stated that “significant progress has been achieved in cooperation regarding the federal government and the federal states”. He also said that the negotiations continue concerning “the authorities for making international agreements”.

When answering questions regarding reaching a consensus on the issue of “federal authorities”, Anastasiades replied that this issue is completely different and that a separate dialogue was being carried out by the negotiators under the instruction of the two leaders.

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