December 10, 2022

By Newshound……..

It’s been another interesting week this week for with many new articles and reviews being shared with our readers from the writers and contributers of and The Foreign Resident’s In The TRNC (TFR).

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Thank you all and we are looking forward to our members and readers wanting to contribute similar news and reviews which we can share with you.

Sharing news widely is so important if it is to be of benefit to the subject of the news.

I would just like to remind our readers that is both a blog with comprehensive news and reviews plus the forum section which is reserved for our members to debate ideas and views and of course, in a friendly manner.

So what have the North Cyprus Forum members been chatting about this week?

  • Where is there a good kindergarten in Girne – Kate has found one
  • 1001 Airport Mall – Kyrenia Catkin tells all
  • KAR are looking for Kitten Fosterers
  • Silverbug is still looking for a kitchen shop offering design and installation
  • Dave Gill is looking for a good driving instructor
  • Young Talent sought for a short film to be shot in North Cyprus
  • For local members who have interesting hobbies or pastimes that may be suitable for Radio or TV shows, do send a private forum message to Denise Phillips, Can Gazi or Engin Dervisağa through the following Topics in the Announce it Here Forum.

“The Main Event”,  “A Cup Of Conversation” or “Vox Pop” by clicking here.

If you are not a member of and want to register, please click here and make your application

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