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A Bell in Bellapais by John Guthrie

By Chris Elliott…….

Jay Wadams with John Guthrie's book "A bell in Bellapais"

Jay Wadams with John Guthrie’s book “A Bell in Bellapais”

On a recent visit to the Gardens of Irini in Bellapais to meet Jay Wadams at his photographic exhibition he mentioned that he is helping Deirdre Guthrie with the publishing of a book based upon a manuscript that her father had written many years ago which really opens the door to Cyprus past.

For lovers of the history of Cyprus, this is a must book to read as it focuses on the life and times of people who came to Cyprus to make new lives in a peaceful village at a time before the Cyprus history started its well documented changes and we give a hint of the fascinating account of past village life as under.

For our local readers, Jay told us that this book which is being published in Germany should become available in North Cyprus during July 2016.


A Bell in Bellapais

by John Guthrie

Dreams soon fade into regrets
unless you seize them on impulse.
You have to believe in them and make them real.


Cyprus 1948. John and Vivian Guthrie, along with their small daughter Deirdre, stumble upon the beautiful and untouched village of Bellapais.

A chance meeting with a local leads to a decision that will change the course of their lives forever, as they adapt to village life in this enchanting
true story of life on the island of Cyprus.



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  1. Perhaps you will let us know when the book is actually available? Thank you.

    • Thank you for your comment Anthea and as we said, the book is due to arrive in North Cyprus in July so if you would like to subscribe to cyprusscene you will be sure to receive the very latest news as it is published

  2. As someone who stayed at Gardens of Irini many years ago and has visited N Cyprus many times I am returning to N.Cyprus at end October for a week and would very much like to make contact with Deirdre and also to buy A Bell in Bellapais I will be at Bella View Boutique. Can you help please

  3. I’ve just finished reading the book and really enjoyed it. Thanks

    ps I’ve noticed a small typo above which, based on the book, should be: Cyprus 1951 (instead of Cyprus 1948).