TRNC News 31.5.2016 – Akinci: Progressing in the direction of solution target

Akıncı: “We are progressing in the direction of solution target”

President Mustafa Akıncı stated that they are progressing in the direction of a solution target on a fair and realistic basis.  Akıncı said, “Undoubtedly, this process is not easy, it is a process with ups and downs.”

Mustafa Akinci

Evaluating his first year in the Presidency, Akıncı said that they started a new period with a new approach one year ago with a slogan – “change will come with ideas”.

Akıncı added, “The first sentence that we wrote on the white page in this new period was that all parties unequivocally accepted the sincere and strong solution demand of the Turkish Cypriot people. No one has any doubts that the Turkish Cypriot people try to move the solution process forward in Cyprus.  At the end of the first year, all related parties, countries, and international institutions reached a point that they do not doubt our sincerity towards a solution. A new environment of confidence has been established in this new period.”

“International UNFICYP Day”

“International UNFICYP Day” was organized at the buffer zone under the auspices of the United Nations.

UN peacekeepers and officials who lost their lives while trying to maintain peace were also commemorated within the framework of the event.

International UNFICYP Day

The leaders and representatives of the Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot political parties who participate in regular bi-communal meetings under the auspices of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Ambassador Oksana Tomova, also attended the event.

Speaking at the ceremony the UN General Secretary’s Special Representative in Cyprus Lisa Buttenheim reminded that the UN had been serving the world for 70 years and trying to maintain peace.

The Commander of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus Kristin Lund read out the letter sent by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to mark the occasion and said that around 120 UN peacekeepers lost their lives every year while trying to stop the fighting and maintain peace around the world.

Excavation works carried out for three Noratlas planes at old Nicosia airport

It was announced that excavation work has been carried out for three Noratlas planes at old Nicosia airport regarding the planes which were lost during the secret operation that Greece carried out under the code name of “Niki” (victory) on 21 July, 1974 in order to carry 360 Greek commandos and ammunition from Crete to Cyprus by 15 aircraft.

Noratlas 3 planes

According to the Greek Cypriot daily Simerini, one of the aircraft which was called “Niki 4” was shot down by the Greek Cypriot National Guard (RMMO) at the Makedonitissa area and was buried in the same place and the other three aircraft, “Niki 3”, “Niki 7” and “Niki 12”, which suffered heavy damage were destroyed at the airport on the same day by the command of RMMO.

According to the news, three aircraft were taken from the runway, their radio systems were removed, and the fuel tanks were opened and destroyed. Today the excavation works are being carried out to find the remains of the aircraft at Nicosia airport under the supervision of the British and the UN.

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  1. Sadly I do not believe the talks will succeed now and what have the talks achieved so far?

    The South had a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to resolve the many issues by setting up a telecommunications net work enabling those living in the North to use their mobile phones in the South.I understand there is no technical reason which would prevent this from happening-so why haven’t they made this very important concession.?

    The other big question -assuming the talks do collapse what happens to the North?

    Will it be business as usual or will the current embargoe’s be lifted?

    • Thank you for your comment ART.

      I have had a big problem between using a mobile phone between the south and the north of Cyprus and will report on this soon.

      It seems to me that the Greek Cypriot Administration like to play musical chairs with everybody and make sure they are seated before they turn the music off.