December 8, 2022

By Kim Betts – KAR……….

From Besparmak to Berlin (via Karpaz and Istanbul !)

Recently 2 of our Centre dogs went to live in Berlin……Tasha and Woody. But before they left the TRNC they went on a lovely holiday to Karpaz with Steff and Yves.

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Although KAR Pet Travel had prepared all of their export paperwork there was still a hiccup at Ercan with the confirmation of the dogs flight that left Steff and Yves waiting at Ercan check in anxiously. The issue was about whether the airline would let both dogs fly on the same flight. This was despite them having had confirmation, via their travel agent, from Pegasus that both dogs were confirmed as flying.

Eventually after having to pay more money things were sorted out and thankfully Steff, Yves, Tasha and Woody all took off together.

KAR Pet Travel does recommend that “accompanied pets” travel to Europe with Turkish Airlines. Many owners, and KAR, use them regularly for both Import and Export pets.

We have just had an update, from Steff who is now safely home in Berlin, about the dogs …………

sleeping dogs

“Right now the two are exploring our apartment although they must be soooo tired (what is that huge thing with the water and clothes spinning in it? while turning their heads). Soon they will have dinner and supposedly fall asleep, right after.”

 “They both just like everything about their new life. They have only a slight fear of city noises, but get over each scary moment very quickly. They have beautiful characters which are blooming full of curiosity. They are keen on learning everything, ok a vacuum cleaner, ok a house cat, ok a visitor, ok swimming (!!!), what else have you got to offer humans? “

Here they are running freely in the Berlin woods………………

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