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Kyrenia Animal Rescue – How do you like your coffee?

By Kim Betts – KAR…….

How do you like your coffee ….Frappe, Expresso, Iced?

How about Cappacino – a Special KAR Cappacino!

Cappacino is approximately 3 years old. She arrived at the KAR Rescue Centre in September 2014. In January 2015 staff noticed that her eyes were becoming blue and cloudy. The vet diagnosed Glaucoma for which there is no treatment available here. The long term prognosis for her eyesight is not good – she may very well go completely blind. Despite this she is a friendly and happy dog – as you can tell from her smiley face !

Cappacino [49506]


Many owners worldwide have dogs (and cats) that are blind either through illness or age. They cope extremely well in their familiar home surroundings and often visitors to the house will not even realise that the family pet is blind.

Sadly for our Cappacino that will not be the case – it is unlikely that she will be able to stay in her compound with her friends – they will be too lively for her and she will be unable to move around amongst them easily. Her compound and friends will become obstacles that she will not be able to overcome.

Cappacino needs to go to a home now – before her eyesight deteriorates further (although we hope this doesn’t happen it is a very real possibility).  A home where she can get her bearings, know the layout, know the garden and know and love her new family.  Then IF the darkness does descend she will be able to continue to live happily in her own familiar home.

Please if you can help Cappacino and offer her a loving home please contact us. She is waiting for you and wants nothing more than fuss , a walk, a cuddle, a family and the odd biscuit.

Well you can’t have a Cappacino without a biscuit can you !Kar logo