April 1, 2023

Suffolk Regiment – Cyprus veterans

Reunion – 17th April 2016


By Margaret Sheard…..

I am always pleased to publish news of the Suffolk Regiment Cyprus “old boys” but this year the reunion has a lot of sadness surrounding it with the sudden death of Chris Veness Black in January.  Chris and Derek Chilvers worked together to set up Chris Veness Blacktheir reunions and Derek has had a hard time coming to terms with the loss of his pal and now organising the first reunion of the year without the help of Chris has been a bit traumatic.

However, life has to go on and the reunions are so important to the Suffolk Regiment Cyprus veterans so Derek is making arrangements at the usual venue of The Rushbrooke Arms in Sicklesmere, Bury St Edmunds for a get-together on 17th April at 12noon and it is hoped that as many of the “old boys” as possible will be able to attend.

Suffolk Regiment badgeOne of the “lads” from the Cyprus days – Pat Arbon – is currently in hospital after suffering a stroke and his wife, Pam, has said there has been a little improvement in his condition and she will keep Derek informed.  Derek would like, on behalf of all the lads, to wish Pat a speedy recovery.  He said the reunions and Minden Day wouldn’t be the same without his happy smiles and banter.

We hope there will be a good turnout for the reunion in April.  It is so important to keep the memories alive of those long gone days in Cyprus.




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  1. Many thanks Margaret for the write-up, the more publicity the better proved by another member from ” C ” Coy contacting me since the recent news of the latest reunion namely Ron Ingram from 9 Plt and he says he has always thought about joining a reunion and now he will be turning up, welcome.

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