The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

TFR visits the Munich Hofbräuhaus

By Ralph Kratzer

Bavaria is world famous for its beer, the association The Foreign Residents in the TRNC,short TFR, is known for its diverse social events for its members.

Hofbräu München
the original Hofbräuhaus in Munich

Last Sunday 40 members of the club set off to enjoy original Bavarian beer and authentic Bavarian food in the Munich Hofbräuhaus (HB).

Of course, we did not travel from Northern Cyprus to Munich, where the original HB building stands, which is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Bavarian capital.

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Hofbräuhaus Nicosia

But the treasurer of the TFR, Horst Gutowski, and the Events Manager “Brad” Bradley knew the Munich Hofbräuhaus Cyprus in the Greek part of Nicosia, because from there they obtain every year the beer barrels for the popular “Oktoberfest” event of the association.

By bus we went to the Metehan border crossing in Nicosia, and there two smaller buses were waiting, which deposed the thirsty and hungry TFR-group, after a short drive, at the final destination of the trip.

After initial organizational difficulties of the staff of the beer cellar/restaurant (they probably had not expected such a rush), everybody then had his/her drink standing on the table.

enjoying “Dunkles Weißbier”

I was happy to finally have – after a longer period not having been back to Bavaria – once again my favorite beer in front of me, “Dunkles Weißbier” on tap. The term “Dunkles Weißbier” is actually a paradox, as “weiß” means in German language the colour “white” and “dunkel” means “dark”. So how can something white at the same time be dark? The explanation is relatively simple: “Weiß” in connection with beer does not come from the colour but from the main ingredient in the brewing process of the delicacy, which is the cereal wheat.

pork knuckle almost eaten

The food came relatively quickly to the tables. Most had opted for pork knuckle or sausage plate or pork chop. The portions arriving were enormous and I must say, my pork knuckle did not only look good, it also tasted simply delicious. Apart from the fact that in Bavaria you do not get potato wedges (American invention) with the pork, but either dumplings and red cabbage or a hearty potato salad. And a slice of orange as decoration I have never seen before in my life… But so what? We are living in Cyprus!

After supper, a few more glasses of beer and cheerful conversation, the merry fellowship had to find their way home later in the evening.

Another successful event of the TFR, my personal thanks to the organizers!

I am convinced that the Hofbräuhaus Cyprus has not seen us for the last time …

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