December 10, 2023

Ziyamet Special Needs School

Donation of Toys


By Margaret Sheard……

We have had the pleasure of visiting the Ziyamet Special Needs School and learning of the excellent work being performed to give Ziyamet Special Needs School imagethese special children a helping hand to experience more than the confines of their own home, with play and education in daily tasks which most of us take for granted.

A group of dedicated supporters have undertaken to provide as much as they can to further improve the School and the Kumyali Nature Walk and the Concert without Borders events resulted in 26,500TL being raised.  The Kumyali Nature Walk was originally organised to raise funds for an outside playground for the children to use in the summer months and with the additional funds from the Demetra George Mustafaoğlu – Concert without Borders there are now sufficient funds for other outdoor/indoor improvements.

We have received the following update of a donation made by a caring man and his son who have arranged for activity equipment to be supplied and installed at the School.

“I thought you may be interested to know that the Ziyamet Special Needs School is going from strength to strength.  The latest addition to their equipment are 4 wooden wall mounted toys which offer a variety of activities and will give the children loads of fun, as well as helping their coordination. 

Toys 1

The toys were donated by Almaz Kashikov who, together with his son Seymour, takes English classes with Figen Rasmussen.  She was speaking to him about the school and he wanted to donate 1,000TL towards something a little different.  Last week he and his son arrived at the school to install the toys – all ready for when the children return after half term.

Toys 2

The Ministry of Education is also taking an interest in the school.  The railings have been painted, the outside area cleared, there are new tables and chairs and they have indicated that there may be further investment. This is all so different from a year ago and it shows the impact that a few dedicated supporters can bring.

The next job now is to commission the external playground and we hope to be able to do that this week.

Mary Watson “

The support and dedication of a few caring people can do so much for those less fortunate than ourselves and it is an example of what can be done to help others.

We wish Ziyamet Special Needs School and its supporters every success in their quest to improve the quality of life of the special children of the Karpaz area and we will continue to promote and publicise the wonderful work being done.

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