December 10, 2022

The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

Mountain Bike Club North Cyprus

‘Wheel see you on the trails’

By Angela Phillips


Mountain Biking_2During the summer of 2014, two British cyclists decided to move to Northern Cyprus, having spent many holidays here and fallen in love with all that the beautiful island has to offer. Mike and Angela Phillips have many years of experience in mountain biking, having cycled for over 20 years in a wide range of terrains. Mountain bike trail centres, cross country, the National Cycle Route, road biking and mountain trails are just some of the cycling environments in the UK, Europe and TRNC they have explored. As well as cycling for fitness and pleasure, to develop their own skills and meet other cyclists, they are also qualified lead riders and members of cycling clubs in the UK. This enables them to support new cyclists towards achieving their fitness goals in a safe and inclusive group environment.

About us:

Mike works offshore as a Barge Master in Saudi Arabia and Angela is a lecturer in English in the UK. As such, they are fortunate to spend all their time off work cycling the Kyrenian mountain trails. Back in the UK, Angela is a member of Cestria Cycling Club and DurhamMountain Biking_3Redstarts Women’s Cycling Club as well as being a British Cycling Ride Leader for Sky and Breeze Rides. Mike is a qualified Mountain Trail Leader and, until leaving the UK, a member of the Beamish Oddsox mountain biking club. A firm cycling favourite of theirs is Glentress in the UK which offers a fantastic range of trails for all abilities as well as skills development areas. Hamsterley, Kielder and Dalby Forest as well as the National Cycle Route which runs throughout the UK are other mountain biking destinations providing excellent facilities for their off road biking.

Mountain Bike - Victoria's High CountryHaving gained so much pleasure, skills and fitness from cycling, both Mike and Angela enjoy supporting others to improve theirs by leading rides in the community as well as cycling with others in group settings. Mike is also highly skilled in cycle maintenance, carrying out all his own repairs and upgrades to their ever increasing range of bikes.

Unfortunately, when out cycling the mountain trails here in the TRNC, they don’t see cyclists like themselves, just the occasional locals cycling along the main road on their way home or to work. As such, they continue to ride alone in their pursuit of a range of cycling routes to challenge their skills and fitness levels. Ideally, it would be great for them to meet other likeminded cyclists who would welcome the opportunity to cycle with others on a regular basis.

My own opinion:

Besparmak MountainsUnfortunately, cycling here in the TRNC is not a very popular pursuit but is one which almost everyone can get involved in to some degree. Whether you just want to improve your fitness, meet new people or enjoy the beautiful landscape, cycling is a fantastic way to do all of these things. You don’t need to have any particular skills other than the ability to ride a mountain bike and there are a vast range of routes ranging from flat to technical, depending on what you want to achieve.


So, does this sound like something you would like to get involved in? If so, Mike and Angela would love to hear from you and meet up for a chat to discuss how they can help you, your family and friends get active with them on a bike.

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