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TRNC News Today 3rd February 2016


Foreign Minister Çolak had a meeting with Education Minister of Qatar Al Hammadi

Foreign Minister Emine Çolak had a meeting with the Minister of Education and Higher Education of Qatar Mohammed Abdul Wahed Ali al-Hammadi at the Ministry of Education in Qatar.

Emine Colak and Education Minister of Qatar Al Hammadi

In her speech at the meeting, Minister Çolak firstly congratulated Al Hammadi for his being re-elected as the Minister of Education and Higher Education of Qatar. Çolak also gave comprehensive information about the Higher Education Sector of our country and expressed her wish for developing the cooperation between the universities of the two countries and to see much more Qatari students in our country.

Underlining that TRNC Universities give education at the international standards and they have International accreditation, Minister Çolak said that our country presents an ideal atmosphere for Qatari students.

Furthermore, Qatari Minister Hammadi expressed his satisfaction for Çolak’s visit adding that the cooperation between the universities of the two countries will be very beneficial.

“From Shadow of Darkness to Bright Future Project” was promoted

“From Shadow of Darkness to Bright Future Project” which was carried out by the Prime Ministry Fight with Drug Commission will start to be displayed on 15th February.

From Shadow of Darkness

The project will be carried out with the slogan of “it’s time to say stop” under the auspices of Meral Akıncı, the wife of President Mustafa Akıncı. Within the framework of the project, the play which is entitled “Show of the Darkness” will be performed by the Dance of Cyprus on Monday, 15 February in South Cyprus. The play will be performed under the auspices of Andri Anastasiades, the wife of the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades, based on the truth that “the drug threatens the two communities.”

“From Shadow of Darkness to Bright Future Project” was introduced in a press conference yesterday. The goals and objectives of the project were expressed at the meeting. With this project, it is expected to reach 5,000 students and with families 10,000 people in total.

Cyprus Mail: “National Council has outlived any sort of usefulness”

Greek Cypriot daily Cyprus Mail newspaper criticised the leaking of National Council documents to the press in today’s edition. The content of the news also includes intense criticism against the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades. According to news of the Cyprus Mail, it is very difficult to take the National Council seriously, despite its long existence and its important mission to offer advice to Anastasiades on the Cyprus problem. The article continued as:

Cyprus Mail - National Council

“Monday’s leaking of a document outlining the Greek Cypriot positions in the ongoing talks, a few hours after it had been given to the members of the Council by Anastasiades, was just another argument in favour of scrapping it.

When its members cannot even be trusted to respect the Anastasiades’ request for confidentiality, there is no justification for keeping it going. Anastasiades had distributed the document he had read to the UN Secretary General at their meeting in Davos, to the leaders during Monday’s meeting on the understanding that it was kept confidential as it contained information about his positions on a range of issues.”

The newspaper also stated that the leaking of National Council documents is nothing new and it has been common practice for decades and added that when Glafcos Clerides was the leader, documents were given with partially differentiated text in order to catch the person responsible for the leaks.

According to the news, more recently, Anastasiades allowed representatives of the parties to read documents from the talks but under strict rules. An official from the Greek Cypriot government was with them and they were not allowed to photograph any pages with their phone or even take notes. These are the type of rules usually imposed.

The article continued as: “Does Anastasiades really need advisors he cannot trust to respect confidentiality? The answer is no and, as it was argued many times in the past, it is absurd for him to consult, let alone seek advice of, party leaders that have a completely different objective. Needless to say that the whole episode degenerated into farce, with several opposition parties accusing Anastasiades of being behind the leaking of the document, which he could use as an excuse not to call another meeting of the council and keep the party leaders in the dark about the talks.”

According to the article the Greek Cypriot Government immediately denied these allegations, but contributed to the general absurdity by asking the two websites, which had been given copies of the document, to reveal their source or, at least, confirm that they had not received the copies from the government. Their refusal to do this meant the government remained one of the suspects.

The article concludes as: “What else needs to happen for Anastasiades to realise that the National Council has outlived its usefulness, if it ever had any, other than to create an impression of political unity that never existed.”

DIKO accuses Anastasiades of releasing information

Greek Cypriot daily Cyprus Mail newspaper mentioned that the Greek Cypriot Government spokesperson urged the two media outlets which published the document hours after it was distributed to parties who had promised not to leak it, to say where it came from.

According to the news, a copy of the document which was given to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon last month, was distributed to the party leaders after they complained for the numerous time that Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades was keeping them in dark on the talks. During the meeting Anastasiades said that he was ready to circulate documents on the negotiations to them ahead of a closed- doors briefing of parliament on February 11, on condition they would not leak the information. Within a few hours the document had been leaked to Sigmalive and Philenews. The leak prompted Anastasiades to reconsider his decision and the way he briefed the parties. “It is something that concerns Anastasiades. In the next few days he will decide how the national council will function in general, and the matter of documents,” the Greek Cypriot spokesperson said. Christodoulides also said that Anastasiades was considering having individual meetings with the parties though nothing had been finalised.

DIKO accuses Anastasiades

On the other hand DIKO accused Anastasiades’ Office of leaking the document. The party said, “It was obvious that the document was leaked by the Presidential Palace because Anastasiades wanted an excuse not to give parties the negotiation documents.” “From the moment Anastasiades was forced, under pressure from DIKO, to brief the parties with documents, we doubted the sincerity of his intentions” the party said.

Furthermore, EDEK chairman Marinos Sizopoulos also suggested it was the job of Anastasiades’ Office. Sizopoulos said that the document did not come from his party and a lot of fuss was made for a paper that essentially was nothing special.

AKEL said that it was an unacceptable phenomenon that not only undermined the National Council but the procedure to resolve the Cyprus problem. Party spokesperson Giorgos Loukaides said, “AKEL was in favour of having transparency and informed parties and society. At the same time though, it should not be done in a way that undermined the efforts to resolve the problem and the Greek Cypriot side in general.”

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