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Balikcioglu Cabaret Theatre visit North Cyprus

Balikçioğlu Cabaret Theatre

comes from London to North Cyprus

By Margaret Sheard….

Some time ago we discovered some very interesting information about Kemal Tunç and Osman Balikçioğlu who were the original Alikko and Caher characters from the 1950’s/1960’s and there is a monument dedicated to them in a small park in Bűyűkkonuk, the link to articles on this subject can be found at the end of this article.

Alikko and Caher

By chance from writing about Alikko and Caher I made contact on Facebook with Osman Balikçioğlu and met up with him when he came on a visit to North Cyprus earlier in the year.  At this time he told us about the theatre group he has in London and that he would be bringing them to North Cyprus to give some performances in October.

The time is now drawing near and Osman has provided the Osman Balikcioglufollowing information about the performances and where and when they are to be shown.

My Theatre group Balıkçıoğlu Kabare Tiyatrosu is coming to Cyprus on the 24th of October. We will be staying in The Tulip Hotel in Nicosia and will stay in Cyprus for ten days. While we are there we will perform our show called Cypriot Varieties in Times.

On the 25th of October at Kalkanlı, Mİddle East Technical Üniversity.

On the 27th October at the Near East University in Nicosia.

On the 29th October at the South Mesaria Cultural Centre in Beyarmudu

On the 31st October at the Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Centre in Mağusa.

Our program consists of four parodies and two short stand-up shows. We will start with a parody  named Şeş beş FM which is a black comedy. After that parody renowned Turkish Cypriot Broadcaster Hüseyin Kanatlı will do his short stand-up show. Then we will perform our hilarious second parody called Yalançı Dolmalar. After that parody there will be an interval.

The second act begins with a comical parody called Lurudjinalılar, which tells the story of a very old couple from the village called Lurucina (or with its new name Akıncılar).  After that Hüseyin Kanatlı will take the stage for a second time. Finally we will perform our last parody which is very emotional and funny. This parody is called Hatmalı and Caher, and is all about Alikko ile Caher.

Our tour has got Presidential support and is in aid of Kanser Hastalarına Yardım Derneği. (Help Those with Cancer Association – Tulips).

I seem to remember Osman telling me that although a lot of the sketches are in the Turkish language there are also some parts in the English language.  With comedy, it is not always necessary to Osman Balikcioglu and Kemal Tuncknow the language as a lot of the sketches can be interpreted from the actions and body language of the characters.

Cyprusscene will certainly be attending one of the performances to enjoy this Cyprus nostalgia.

All performances start at 8pm.  Tickets are 20TL and can be obtained from the Tulips Office in Lefkosa or at the door on the night at each venue.  For further information please contact 0542 8531121 or 2289807

To see our articles about Alikko and Caher, which include photos and information supplied to us by Tűregűn Tunç, the daughter of Kemal Tunç,  the links are as follows:-

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