Where are the Missing Entertainers

in North Cyprus?


By Chris Elliott…….

There is a lot of talk at the moment of North Cyprus restaurants and bars finding it very difficult to book entertainers and their options for Christmas and the New Year celebrations have slumped to a few Turkish Cypriots entertainers or those expatriates who have gained citizenship and have a Kimlik card.

Why is this you may ask? Due to petty jealousy and the rabid activities of  a few expatriate entertainers in the past few months through social media and newspapers where they  have tried to justify their existence. They have also sought to deflect public interest away fromPlaying guitar those expatriate entertainers who obtained work permits through the sole legal entertainers’ agency.

Was it any surprise by those that intended to ignore TRNC laws and regulations. that their foolhardy promotion in social media and newspapers caused the authorities to start clamping down and now there are only a few entertainers available and perhaps not enough to support demand.

The outcome is well known and unless a miracle is found, the concept of a legal entertainers agency will disappear along with their entertainers and already rumours abound of agencies which are being set up. Will they be  created in accordance with TRNC law, if not then they run the risk of falling foul of the authorities very quickly along with the entertainers that may have been recruited. To read more on this subject click here

The biggest risk in the next few months will be run by the restaurants and bars because if they are seen to be using illegal entertainers by the authorities they will receive large fines for breaking the law.

Perhaps this year for Christmas and New year celebrations in North Cyprus it may be best to invite friends around for lunch and to share the occasion and even listen to the Queen’s speech if that’s what you enjoy.