December 8, 2022

Kar Pet Travel from

Tanzania to TRNC (via Zurich and Larnaca)


By Kim Betts…….
Kar Pet Travel…….

KAR Pet Travel were asked to help with the import of 2 German Shepherds, Black and Fez, from Tanzania to the TRNC by their owners Arthur and Carole.

After long distance discussions with the owners,  about  various routes, it was felt that the best option would be for Black and Fez to fly, as cargo, from Dar Es Salaam to Zurich then Zurich to Larnaca and then complete their import into TRNC by road (with KAR Pet Travel).

Throughout the planning I liaised constantly with IPATA colleague (Paphiakos) Sarah in the Republic of Cyprus who would be responsible for their clearing at Larnaca and delivery to KAR Pet Travel for onward TRNC importation. Black and Fez would need to meet the criteria, and have the relevant paperwork, for 2 sets of Import documents for RoC and TRNC as the 2 countries have different entry requirements.

The agent in Tanzania was also party to all of the discussions and was made perfectly aware of the process, and paperwork, for both RoC and TRNC entry for the dogs.

Arthur and Carole arrived in the TRNC sometime before the dogs – so they could get their house ready and settle down in anticipation of Black and Fez’s arrival.

After a “hiccup” in Tanzania, the agent  (not an IPATA member) hadn’t realised that the due travel date was a Tanzanian Bank Holiday and so the dogs wouldn’t be able to fly! Black and Fez finally left Tanzania a week late. Sarah and I had received all of their paperwork in advance and double checked that both sets were correct.

Everything was in place for their Larnaca arrival and it seemed, after the false start, that everything was going to plan ……. WRONG !

Black and Fez have a rest
Black and Fez have a rest after their long journey

On arrival at Zurich it was found that some of the original paperwork needed for RoC was missing. It had not been attached to their travel crates at Tanzania. The dogs were not allowed to continue with their journey —- they were put into immediate quarantine at Zurich airport. Arthur and Carole were distraught – understandably.

Both Paphiakos and I were then kept busy making phone calls and sending emails to try and sort the problem out. It was compounded by the Export Certificate issued in Tanzania, and needed for TRNC, was (due to the delays) about to expire! A new one needed to be issued and sent on to Zurich along with the missing original signed paperwork.

Throughout this time Sarah and I were able to keep Arthur and Carole updated about the dogs well being and their care in Zurich Quarantine and also the progress of the new paperwork and expected new travel dates from Zurich to Larnaca and then TRNC.

Finally the call came that everyone had been waiting anxiously for — after 5 days in quarantine the dogs were cleared to continue with their journey.

Plans were then put together for their final arrival at Larnaca and transfer into TRNC.

You can imagine the joy, tears, barks and happiness when 12 days after they should have arrived Arthur, Carole, Black and Fez were reunited at their Ozankoy home. It had been a long and stressful time for everyone but at last the dogs were home – home in the TRNC.

As you can see Black and Fez have taken to TRNC life like ducks to water!!!

Sometimes pets travel arrangements are not always straight forward but the way any problems are dealt with can make all the difference to the pets, the worried owners and everyone involved. This is particularly important now that more pets are being refused entry to TRNC after the implementation of the most recent changes – reported in an earlier article click here to read.

Enjoying a welcome swim
Enjoying a welcome swim for Black and Fez

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